10 Great Ways to Make Money Online from Home

What are the best 10 ways to make money online?…

If you ever wondered how to make money from home, I am sure you have asked this question once or twice. Well, it depends on what you would consider “top” and what kind of qualifications an online money making method has to have to qualify as a top money making method.


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So, when the idea of creating a list of top 10 online money making methods came to my mind, I had to come up with a few criteria for choosing the top methods. Of course, since this list was going to be (hopefully) useful to BlogStash.com readers, it had to contain methods that most BlogStash.com readers could use.

From my interaction with some readers and knowing what kind of online money making methods most of our readers are after, I came up with the following few qualities to look for when choosing the top ten ways of making money at home:

  • Can you earn money for free?
    It has to be a free way to earn money. Meaning in order to start making money you don’t have to spend any money.
  • Can anyone or almost anyone use this method to make money?
    It has to be a method that most ordinary people like you and I can use to earn cash.
  • Can you start making money right away?
    It has to be an online money making methods that will allow you to make money and get paid fairly quickly.

So, I started my research by keeping in mind the above qualities and here is what I have found. The following methods are what I would consider the

1- Taking Paid Surveys

These days, taking paid surveys is considered by many one of the top 10 online jobs. Taking paid surveys for money for legitimate survey companies like SurveySpot is not only free, it is fun and enjoyable as well.

Moreover, you get to voice your opinion and tell companies and manufacturers what you think of their products and services that you use daily and what you would like to see incorporated in those products and services in the future.

The best thing about getting paid for paid surveys is that anyone can do it. For a list of top paid surveys sites, check out 40+ Legitimate and free paid surveys sites.

2- Virtual Call Center

Virtual call centers are becoming increasingly popular as they save business and organization lots of time and money while improving their customer service.

If you like getting paid for surveys, and are going to join only one site, I would recommend you choose Ipsos-iSay. Ipsos is the most fun and well-paying panel. Give it a try to see how you like it. It is free anyway!

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As a virtual call center worker, you will get assigned to answer calls for one or more companies based on your location. These centers are providing jobs for millions of people around the globe and you can be one of them.

All it takes to earn money working from home as an virtual customer service representative is a good attitude and a willingness to work hard and provide a good experience for the customers who call.

3- Freelance Writing

Websites are nothing but content and there are thousands of websites born every single day. All of these sites need fresh content daily and that is why there is always a demand for freelance writers online. You simply sign up for free with sites that need content and get paid to create fresh quality content for them.

The best part is that there is a need for content on all kinds of topic and since each and everyone of us are knowledgeable on a few subjects, almost every person can be a freelance writer and write about a subject they are knowledgeable about. Here is a great list of 55 websites that pay you to write for them.

4- Blogging

I believe making money with blogs is one of the top 10 ways of earning money on the web because it really doesn’t take much to get started and anybody can start a blog and write bout a topic that they are interested in. The fact is that no matter how wacky and abnormal you may think your blog topic may be, there are thousands of other people who are also interested in that topic and will read your blog.

I think the most qualifying feature of the blogging is that it is really easy to monetize a blog and make money with it, and there are so many different ways to do that.

5- Selling on eBay

eBay has to be on the list of top ten online money making methods simply because you can not find anybody who will not be able to make money by selling things on eBay. I mean, just going through your storage room and picking things that you don’t have any use for anymore and listing them on eBay can make you enough money to get you hooked.

With so many great wholesaler out there, it really is easy to buy products in bulk for cheap and sell them on eBay individually for higher prices.

eBay is the perfect business opportunity for almost anyone from stay at home moms and dads, recently college grads who haven’t been able to find a job yet, individuals interested in starting their own small business, people who have lost their job due to the recent collapse of the economy and anyone else who wants to make money online but doesn’t have lots of technical knowledge and know-how. Here is an in-depth article about selling on eBay.

6- Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Making money as a virtual assistant qualifies as one of the top ten methods of earning a living on the Internet, because quite frankly anybody can stat doing it and you don’t need to spend a dime to get started.

Now, of course, there are some virtual assistant jobs that require lots of especial skills and experience, but there are also lots of virtual assistant tasks that are really simple and easy to do and the only reason people outsource those tasks is because they don’t have the time to do it themselves.

One of the best places to find virtual assistant jobs is on webmaster related forums as webmasters and bloggers are often in need of virtual assistants because of the nature of their work and the fact that there are so many simple yet time consuming tasks that a webmaster or a blogger needs to get done in order to maintain a successful blog or website, so to save time, they are willing to you to do those simple tasks for them.

Top 10 Online Jobs7- Fiverr (and other micro freelancing sites)

The reason I think making money with Fiverr and other micro freelancing sites is one of the top ten money making methods is because you can virtually offer any kind of service on these sites and you can be sure that there will be people who will pay you for them.

Believe it or not people are making a living on Fiverr by offering gigs like “I will be your Facebook girlfriend for a week”, ” I will call someone and wish them happy birthday pretending to be anybody you want me to be”, “I will make a decision for you!” ( It is amazing to me how people pay for such things especially the last one!).

So, as you can see you don’t have to offer technical services to make money on Fiverr, you can offer any kind of gig you can imagine and you will make money if you promote them enough. Here is a list of micro freelancing sites like Fiverr you can use to make money as a freelancer; Other sites like Fiverr.

8- Creating and Selling Your Own eBooks

It may sound complicated and you may think not every body can write an eBook, but you would be surprised to know how easy it is to write an eBook. An eBook unlike a published book is usually short. An eBook can be a 1000 pages long or just 5 pages long. As long as you deliver quality and useful information, people will buy it.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to find publisher in order to publish your book. An eBook is a digital book, so it can simply be turned into a PDF file and delivered to buyers online.

You don’t have to spend thousand so of dollars hiring artists to create a book cover for you, there are many free tools that make it easy and quick for anyone to create a stunning eBook cover in minutes. Of course, you can always use sites like Fiverr to find a professional who will create a professional eBook cover just for $5.

And the best part is that there are hundreds of eBook directories online that you can use to list your eBook for free, so people can find and buy it. Not to mention the fact that you can also list your eBook on Amazon.com and eBay and get your eBook in front of millions of potential buyers.

9- Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk or as its also known Mturk is basically a crowd sourcing online marketplace that connects businesses that have jobs that can not be done by computers with thousands of online workers from around the world.

Each job is called a “Task” and usually they don’t pay much, in most cases the pay is under $0.50. However, on average each tasks takes about 20 seconds to be completed, so there is a lot of room for making decent amount of money.

The great thing about using Mturk to make money online is that most tasks are very simple and anyone can do them and it’s totally free to join as a worker. And of course, you get to choose when you want to work and what task you want to work on. You can work on any available task at 4AM or 10PM, it doesn’t matter.

You are your own boss and you do as you please. Of course, it goes without saying that the more tasks you complete, the more money you can make.

10- Get Paid to Programs

Get paid to programs or GPT for short are a kind of online rewards program where you can get paid to do activities that you would normally do online any way, like reading emails, playing games, subscribing to free newsletters and of course shopping.

Now, the downfall to this method is that obviously you cant expect to make a lot of money. But, if you sign up with enough of these sites and you dedicate a few hours each day to doing their offers, you begin to earn some decent amount of extra money with ease. Here is a list of 8 legitimate get paid to sites.


There you have it, top 10 ways of making money online free and fast that almost anyone can take advantage of to create an income stream that will help them get through these tough financial times.

Of course, each of these methods have their own pros and cons and may be more suitable for some people than others, but the important fact is that each of these methods provide a great opportunity for you to earn extra cash on the Internet working from the comfort of your own home.

And while these methods may not help you get rich, there are some of the best ways for making additional cash in times when every extra dollar can help you survive another day.

Of course, there are many other Internet based income generating methods that could qualify for the top 10 online money making methods based on the 3 criteria that I mentioned above, but based on my observation and experience, I truly believe the above method are the best top 10 ways to make money online.