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Toluna Surveys – Scam Or Legitimate Online Survey Site?

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Toluna survey is the new GreenField online survey site. If you have been involved with paid surveys, you probably know about the famous paid survey company, Greenfield. Well, today, Greenfield is no more, as it was acquired by the Toluna Group Ltd.


Toluna Scam?
No, Toluna survey company is not a scam. In fact, it is a legitimate paid surveys company that took over GreenField a while ago, and with more than 4,000,000 members worldwide (Yes 4,000,000 members), it is one of the fastest growing paid surveys sites.

But Toluna is more than just a paid survey site – Not only you get paid for taking online surveys, you also get paid to create and participate in online polls, opinion topics and more.

Toluna Survey Company
Toluna Group is the owner and operator of Toluna panel, which is a market research company with U.S. headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and global headquarters in Paris, France. They help big leading manufacturers, technology companies, retailers, restaurant chains and service providers to gather feedback from their consumers to improve their products and services by conducting online surveys.

As A Toluna Survey Panel Member, How Much Can You Make?
Members are rewarded with what are called “Toluna Points” (3,000 points = $1). Registration is free, and upon registering you earn 500 points, and are entered into $4500 cash drawing. You earn anywhere from $1 to $5 for each survey you qualify and complete. The cool thing is that even if you don’t qualify, you still earn some points, plus you are entered into their monthly cash sweepstakes that gives you the chance to win up to $2,500.

Toluna survey

How Does Toluna Really Pay?
When you have 60000 points ($20), you can redeem it for gift cards, check or you can get paid via PayPal. Considering that an average survey you take for Toluna Surveys is worth about 15000 points, it’s not that hard to reach the minimum cash out requirement. You can also earn points for creating polls and opinion topics. The more popular they are, the more points you earn.

One of the things that I noticed about Toluna surveys that most other paid surveys sites lack, is the fact that there are always opportunities to earn money. With most paid survey sites, such as Valued Opinions, you only earn when there is a survey available, but with Toluna surveys, you can earn everyday by creating polls and opinion topics, which makes it easy and quick to reach the minimum required for cashing out.

Another plus about Toluna company is that its not just for the US resident. Toluna survey center accepts members from a few other countries, including Germany, Mexico and UK.

So, if you live in any of the countries they accept members from, you will have to register using that country’s Toluna site. Here are the links for registering with Toluna in different countries:

Toluna US

Toluna India

Toluna Australia

Toluna Canada

Toluna UK


Hong Kong


South Korea











Taking online surveys for money is a great way to make extra cash. Sadly, online surveys market is saturated with paid surveys scams, which makes it hard to find legitimate paid surveys sites. That is why having legit survey sites like Toluna is great for anyone who wants to make some cash taking surveys without dealing with scams.

So, if you are looking for a free legitimate paid survey company that allows you to get paid for taking online surveys, I would highly suggest you register with Toluna.

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  1. Jase says:

    I think Toluna is a legitimate website. It’s very exciting place to visit too.

  2. Chico says:

    I’m going to have a look at Toluna surveys. It could be good if they actually pay out because as you say, so few of them actually do.

  3. Rose says:

    Toluna is my favorite survey site. I got paid 6 times now and waiting for my 7th payment.

  4. Hans says:

    I think Toluna is legitimate, because I have already cashed out some money through PayPal!

  5. Marlene says:

    I am pretty sure that Toluna is a legitimate survey site. I have not cashed out with them yet but I am very close to doing so. The only thing that bugs me with them is that some of their surveys take a long time to confirm.

  6. sugar says:

    I have been paid from Toluna many times

  7. Annette says:

    I have been a member of Toluna for a little while and so have yet tot reach the paypout level, but so far I’m reasonably happy with the site. I think, as, as mentioned earlier, you have to look very closely at some survey sites, as I’m beginning to find out, they are not always as they seem….so they get blocked and go to my junk folder. I’ll let you know how I goet on with this site.

  8. aishwarya says:

    Hi.. can you please tell me about some legitimate survey sites on which people outside the US can also participate? I’m an Indian.
    Btw your site totally rocks! I loved your article on 53 ways to make money!
    Thanks.. keep posting such awesome articles

    • satrap says:

      Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you liked the site and the article. Here is a link to a post I wrote a while back which is a list of legitimate paid surveys sites, many of which d accept members from India and other countries: Paid surveys. Best of luck to you.

  9. Roberto says:

    I am getting more and more suspicious of Toluna: none of the prize draw winners look like real users (no activity, very recent account, no replies to posts on their profiles) and I have requested a voucher redemption which has been in “processing” for 6 weeks.
    Not very credible: I think they are making promises of payment which they do not intend to keep.
    Maybe not a scam, but getting close to it in my opinion.

  10. Evelyn says:

    I have been unable to log in to my Toluna account and on the many occasions I have asked for my password to be sent to me, it either hasn’t worked or it hasn’t been sent. I would like to look at my account but it seems Toluna doesn’t want me to. I am a member of many other survey companies and I have never had a problem. When Toluna took over from Ciao, that’s when my problem began.

    • Nolant says:

      Toluna is a definite scam. I have completed numerous surveys and have well over 100,000 points but I can’t get anything out of them and they refuse to respond to emails. Forget them, they are just not reliable!

      • satrap says:

        I am sorry about your experience. Do you mean, you requested a cash-out and haven’t received your prize or cash?…

        Because I certainly dont think Toluna is a scam. It could be that they are kind of being late in sending you your payout or there could be a mistake somewhere. Keep in mind that in any company, sometimes there will be mistakes here and there. So, your case might be one of them. I would suggest you use their contact information to contact them again and possibly get in touch with their help desk. I wish you good luck. Please let me know what happens.

  11. John Cassell says:

    I would not call it a full scam but definitely an unethical and borderline fraudulent site. The only vouchers offered are for dodgy on-line companies (e.g. CD Wow), the vouchers expire almost immediately, and 80& of the items on the site are ineligible for the vouchers. And don’t even think of registering to test anything (hollow laugh). I am member of several reputable sites and I try to give honest responses (even if it gets me screened out) and this one is just bad news.

  12. Martin Dunn says:

    Yes toluna is very dodgy it’s taken me 16 months to get to 80000
    points the minimum for a £15 voucher,I get 3 or 4 surveys a day seven days a week I attempt each one. I’m 76 so I get screened out of most of them and thats fine, but it means by the time I get to 80000 points I only have a very short time to convert them.I just recently reached my 80000 points and on four days I tried to convert them, every time I clicked the convert button the site died the only faulty part I could find on the site, on the fifth day they removed over 20000 point because the 16 months expiry date was up.Is that the way an Honest company works.

    • Mike Hunt says:

      @Martin Dunn, I think Toluna has been suffering some serious technical problems over the last few weeks, as I have been having some intermittant connection issues.

      I should just point out to the majority of readers here that it is not a scam site at all. I’m 29 and have no problem getting invitations for surveys. On an average day, I’ll complete 3-4 surveys (between 1,800 and 12,000 points each) and 40 polls (between 15 and 150 points each). Last month alone, I earnt £60 in Amazon vouchers.

      The only down side is that they are a little slow at sending out vouchers. People have reported on the forums on the site that they have waited up to 3 months, but they do come through. Better late than never!

  13. Jonathan says:

    According to Toluna’s site, it takes 6 to 8 weeks to send vouchers. I have applied for 3 Paypal payments of $20 each (Australian site) going back almost 4 months. As far as I’m concerned, the only reason for a delay in a Paypal payment is processing time. Most sites make Paypal payments within a week, 30 days tops. The only explanation I received for their failure to pay me my first two vouchers, which are now close to the 4 month mark, was “technical problems”. I received that explanation 2 months ago. So they expect me to believe they’ve had these technical problems for 4 months now? This is extremely fishy. If they are not an outright scam, they are totally incompetent. I am still giving them the opportunity to pay me what they owe, but if it starts to look like they never will, I WILL be reporting them to the BBB and any other organisation their members with. It does look like some people do receive their payments (sometimes as long as a year after applying), but their behaviour is totally unacceptable as far as I’m concerned.

    • Jonathan says:

      To clarify, I haven’t received any of the 3 payments. The 3rd payment claim (still unpaid) was made within the 6 to 8 week time period they falsely claim to honour.

  14. ytahxiang says:

    I have requested 3 payments from them about 4 months ago and they claimed that they were having technical problems. I am from Australia. I have since stopped taking surveys from them and will only continue until they have paid me.

  15. Fred says:

    I have been paid twice by Toluna with a third payment on the way. The first two took between 3-4 weeks to be delivered, I live in the northeast US.

    • satrap says:

      Congrats Fred. Glad you got paid. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  16. Neal says:

    They are worthless. I had $75 in rewards wiped out(without any notice, it was there one and then gone). I had a recent 60,000 pt survey completed and then was asked to complete a follow-up got a server error. They refuse to pay that as well.

    They are definite scammers. I am done with them and will delete my account. Good luck to the rest of you.

    • satrap says:

      Sorry to hear about your experience. Are you sure you dint do anything (maybe unknowingly) to break their rules or anything like that?…And have you tried to contact them to see whats going on?…
      If not, I highly recommend you do contact them, sometimes mistakes can happen and if you dont let them know, they will never know it. Good luck and please keep us updated. Thanks.

  17. Chris says:

    I am such an enthusiast of Toluna that I decided to make my own blog and write about this community. I am new there and still discovering the ways to money, but what I like the most is the international participation of all members and the interest that they take into the topics and polls people post.
    You can feel conformable and actually answer question that are important to you. The fact that you can post whatever problem you have and get a fair answer, it is great!
    All the world is a part of this pace and it not that indiscreet as other communities are.
    You get a small profile page and everybody is free to say the truth!

    • satrap says:

      That is very cool that you have started a blog just about toluna.
      Yeah, it really is nice to be able to express your opinion freely. After all paid surveys are actually there for the same thing, letting us (the consumer) say what we think about a product or a service that we use.
      Thanks for commenting Chris.