How to Make Money While You Sleep

Getting paid to sleep would be a dream job for you, wouldn’t it?… No we are not talking about getting paid to sleep with women!

We are talking about the idea of literally making money while sleeping. Despite those crazy ads promising you six figure incomes even while you sleep being hyped up crap, it is actually possible to earn money in your sleep. Don’t believe me? Check out these 3 possible ways you could get paid to sleep:


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1. Get paid to participate in sleep studies

The most fun and easy way to get paid while you sleep is by participating in sleep research studies conducted by sleep labs, universities, government agencies and privet firms.

There are many different kinds of sleep studies being done all over the world as we speak.

a. Sleep disorder studies
There are studies that focus on sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, insomnia and sleep apnea, trying to understand the causes and perhaps hoping to find a cure for such disorders. Needless to say, to be eligible to participate in these kinds of studies, you must suffer from some kind of sleep disorder.

These studies usually require you to stay overnight where the study is being conducted. Based on the specific study, you could be required to sleep there one night, 2 nights, and up to a few weeks or so.

While I don’t wish that on anyone, if you already do have a sleep disorder and are looking for some extra cash, you may want to consider this. You can actually pocket hefty chunk of change. Participant can earn anywhere from $100 to a few thousands dollars based on the length of the study.

b. General sleep studies
These studies usually focus on understanding sleep and how our brains function while we sleep. Normally such studies are done by universities. Each specific study has it sown requirements that you must meet in order to be eligible to participate.

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For example; some studies are focused on brain activities of males between the ages of 18 and 30, which obviously means you have to be a male between the ages of 18 to 35. Other studies may be focused on women’s sleep, yet others may be about determining what kind of activity our brains is involved in after a night of playing video games, and so on.

How much do you get paid for sleep studies?
These sleep studies usually do pay handsomely. Expect to earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars to up to a few thousands dollars. Obviously the longer the study lasts, the more it pays. For example; it’s not uncommon for sleep research studies lasting 2-3 weeks to pay its participants $2500.

Participating in sleep research studies is not just a great way to earn extra money (in some cases, earning more than what your whole month’s paycheck brings you), but it also is a great way to be a part of medical research that helps us understand sleep, dreams, brain activity during sleep, as well as helping us come up with cures and medication for many sleep disorders.

The best way to find and participate in these kinds of studies is to check with your local universities and clinics. Most university labs have a website where they actually publish details about their studies. You can register with them for free, and get notified where there is a stud you qualify for.

You can also keep an eye on Craigslist and your local newspapers for any ads related to such studies.


2. Earning money while you sleep using a passive income stream

OK, as you probably noted in the beginning of this post, I am not particularly a fan of hyped up ads and websites that promos you big easy incomes while you sleep.

That’s because these ads are (most of the time) hyped up stuff and lies. They are just designed to entice you to buy whatever they are selling. And as you can imagine, the only ones here making any money are the creators of those ads and products.

That said, there are some ways to actually build a passive income stream that will earn you money even when you are sleeping. But, unlike what those ads try to convey, it’s not easy, and you certainly won’t get there overnight.

What am I talking about?…

I am talking about things like blogging. Yes blogging! A successful blog, one that receives good amount of traffic, is in a sense, a passive income stream. Think about it, once you have built your blog, worked hard on it for months and perhaps years, you start to receive traffic to it. You then monetize your blog with ads to earn money.

So, does your blog stop earning you money when you are sleeping?…

Of course not! While it may be 54 AM here in the U.S, and you may be in deep sleep, its 6 in the afternoon somewhere else in this world, and people are still visiting your blog, clicking on ads, and hopefully purchasing stuff you are promoting. That is passive income my friends! You are literally earning money while you sleep.

What can be better than that, right! Now, while it all sounds great, you have to remember though, it really does take a lot of hard work, dedication and patience to get your site to a point where it can make you money even while you are sleeping. So, if you have that commitment and drive, I highly recommend you pursue it.


3. Extra cash in your sleep as a baby sitter

Another cool way to earn a little extra money is by doing overnight baby sitting where the parents are willing to pay you for the whole night. Of course, the safety and security of the child you are baby sitting should be your first priority. But practically you are getting paid for sleeping.


Out of the few methods of earning money while sleeping that I mentioned above, I personally am using the second one, blogging.

I have to say, it took me a few years of real hard work and dedication to get it to where I was making a few dollars a day. But with perseverance, I have got it to where it’s now making me enough money that would allow me to quit both my day jobs. But since I like my day jobs, I still have them.

So, if you are looking for a long-term business that can earn you money while you sleep, go with a passive income strategy. But if you are looking for extra cash when you needed, overnight baby sitting and participating in paid sleep studies is a great way to get paid to sleep as well.