Make a Million Dollars with $5!

So, you want to make a millions without working hard or smart for it?…

Good news, you can become a millionaire if you can manage to live at least another 42 years!


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Here is how to make a million dollars:

Everyday, put $5 in an account (such as a stock mutual fund account) that gives you at least 10% interest per year. In 42 years, you will have 1 millions dollars in your account. Congrats, you are a millionaire now!… (Credit for this goes to Marshall Brain)

As you can see, it really is easy to make a million bucks. Most people can mange $5 a day.

How to Make a Million Dollars

Of course, that takes a long long time, but you don’t have time to wait, you want to be a millionaire over night, right?…

Well, sadly, there is no way to do that, unless you win the lottery, or your millionaire relative dies and leaves you all his or her money, or you come up with an idea or product that becomes an over night sensation. But most of us will never have any of the above happen to us.

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You may be shocked by this post, I usually don’t publish posts like this. Usually, on you find real step by step guides for making money, guides that do work if you are willing to do some work!

So why this post?…

I am just tired of all the people who are actively searching for ways to make a million overnight. I am also tired of seeing the same folks get scammed by sharks telling them they can make millions easily and quickly, only if they buy what the sharks are selling (because they are so nice, so they want to show everybody how to make millions over night!).

People, there is no way to make millions without working hard and building a real business.

Don’t you think if there was a way to make a million in 2 months, these sharks would keep making millions for themselves, instead of trying to make money selling you their “secret revealing eBook that will show you how they made millions practically overnight!” for $39.95!?…

Now, if you really want to make millions and aren’t afraid of working hard, read this by Marshall Brain (founder of How Stuff Works).