9 Ways to Get Rich Quick

How can I get rich quick?… This is one question lots of people would love to know the answer to. Getting rich overnight is a dream many people pursue with a passion. Which is why there are so many get rich quick schemes and scams all over nowadays.

But, what if it was possible to become a millionaire overnight! How great it would be to become wealthy overnight, am I right? How would you spend your new found wealth? You may scoff, but it can be accomplished.


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There are many ways to become rich quick. But, non of them are really easy and practical. Nonetheless, some people manage to get rich over night using these methods. Here are 10 (not so easy) ways to get rich quick:

Get Rich Quick

1. Become a Lottery Winner
So the odds against winning are astronomically high and you have a better chance of being hit by stray lightning. Well I have a friend who’s been hit by lightning twice and frankly participation is mandatory to win. At any rate, it’s among the fastest methods I know of for becoming wealthy almost overnight.

2. Buy and Sell or Rent out Property
Buy old houses for dollars on the penny… wait, reverse that. Forget that part. You want to buy when the property is cheap and just wait for 1 or 2 decades letting inflation do the work for you.

This works well when the property you buy is in a small town on its way to becoming a city. Now, if that small town doesn’t develop quite as quickly as you’d hoped because it’s in the boondocks or something, oh well. Just leave the property to your great, great grandchildren and I’m sure by the time they’re ready to cash in it’ll be worth a fortune.

3. Hazardous Professions
There are lots of great odd jobs that pay well. Just sign up for one of those really dangerous careers that everyone avoids. Things like counseling Iraqis, accounting for terrorists in Afghanistan, or perhaps an Iranian Warlord/Oil Baron. I mean if you survive long enough to collect a pay check you’ll have more money than you can shake a stick at.

Never you mind that ninety-nine percent of those who try it die in the process. The fact is you have a solid one percent chance and for becoming wealthy, those are great odds.

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4. Steal from a Bank
Ok, so there may be a couple tiny federal laws against it which could result in a lifetime supply of incarceration courtesy of Uncle Sam. Still when you’re desperate you’ve got to consider radical alternatives.

Consider if you will that even if you get caught, you still get the door prize; a roof over your head at no cost to you and free food for the rest of your life.

Plus you’d have a bunch of extra time to, oh I don’t know, write a book! Yeah, you could write a book about common pitfalls to avoid when robbing banks and get it published. Then you’d get a bunch of money from your book; so much so that you’d just stay rich forever because there just aren’t that many shopping opportunities in prison.

5. Become Famous
This is one get rich quick scheme that works even for kids! Seriously, if Chelsea Handler is considered a “professional” actor and entertainer, than anyone should be able to do it, even you! Maybe an acting lesson or two here and there and you’ll be good to go. Just move out to Hollywood and get discovered. All you need is one big break and it’ll be smooth sailing.

6. Investing
Begin this process early. It’s best to begin when you’re going into 1st grade, though even younger is better. The secret is compound interest.

As time goes on the money you invest will mature into a healthy “nest egg.” Though I suppose since you’re reading this you’re probably well past first grade, but it’s never too early to get those tiny tots on their way to wealth. In your case, being so far behind you’ll want to put in large amounts of money as quickly as possible, at least half your income and direct it toward those lucrative “high-risk” investments or just get billions of penny stocks.

Odds are you’ll come out on top at least half the time leaving you either wealthy beyond your wildest dreams or taking up employment on your local street corner.

7. Find a Wealthy Spouse
Want to get rich quick for free? Just find an extremely wealthy individual and get hitched. I know I know… “What if they’re ugly?” and “but I don’t love them.”… I just said you’d be rich, happiness you’ll have to work out on your own.

Alright, so perhaps not the best course for everyone, but select individuals have reported great success with this method.

8. Go to College
College and money go hand to hand these days! Go get yourself an associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees, and just cover what you can’t afford with student loans. Use those to get a high paying job with all the benefits and after a decade or so you’ll be quite well off, maybe even among the wealthy elite before you retire.

9. Inheritance
This works best if you’re a member of a rich family. Just keep your parents happy while persuading them that “spending your money now is a bad idea” then just watch the money roll in as the funeral director rolls your parents out. I mean honestly, what sense is there in letting your parents spend the money they worked so hard for?


I of course, recognize that many of these ideas are not really practical or easy means of creating wealth. Not to mention, some of them are down right unethical and wrong. However, if becoming wealthy wasn’t challenging, would we not all be wealthy?…

As you probably realized by now, I am not particularly fund of getting rich quick stuff, and I always do warn my audience here at BlogStash to stay away from those selling the “get rich quick” dream, as most of them are only after your money and not helping you make money.

There is no practical way to get rich overnight, and to be honest, even if there was, I don’t know if I would want to get rich that way. I mean, look at all those lottery winners who won millions of dollars but went broke in just a few years.

When you accumulate wealth (and in fact anything else) without working hard for it, you don’t learn to appreciate it. So, you actually end up more miserable than when you weren’t rich. That is why I would rather work for my money than hit the jackpot all of a sudden.

What about you, what do you think about getting rich over night?…