The Perfect Business Idea for the Work at Home Mom: Baby Newspaper

There aren’t many home based business ideas for moms. And to be honest, the few at home business models that are available for stay at home moms, don’t really fit the needs of moms.

However, there is one at work at home opportunity for women and especially stay at home moms that is fun and profitable to run, while at the same time it is very mom friendly, a baby newspaper business!


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Baby Newspaper!?

Let me tell you what it is not, a baby newspaper is not a newspaper for babies!

A Baby newspaper or birth announcement newspaper is basically a fun personalized birth announcements paper that look like a real newspaper, but instead of actual financial, politics and other news, it is personalized with every little information about a baby’s birth such as exact delivery date, delivery day events and any other elated info.

Home based business ideas for moms

Baby newspapers make the memories of a child’s birth even more memorable and it gives families a great way to always remember that day. That is why a baby newspaper makes a perfect gift for parents of the new born, their friends and family.

Considering that everyday almost hundreds and thousands of newborns are opening their eyes for the first time, it’s not hard to realize that there is always going to be a big market for a personalized birth announcements newspapers out there.

What is in a Baby newspaper?

Basically any information related to the would-be new born child can be included in a baby newspaper.

For example; child’s name and birth date could be used as the headline for the newspaper. It could include birth date, name of the hospital, weather conditions of the birth date and etc.

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A fun element to add would be listing famous people who were born in that day.

What is needed to start a baby newspaper home business?

You don’t need anything special.

All you need is your computer connected to the internet and a simple color (or black and white) printer.

Of course, you will need to set up a website so people can buy your baby newspaper. Pick a catchy and easy to remember name for your site.

You could buy a domain name (your site’s name) for around $10 a year and hosting the site would probably cost you no more than a few dollars a month.

How to price your product?

Well, that depends on many different factors and can vary based on individual newspapers.

You could create different kinds of baby newspaper (framed newspapers, colored, black &white, etc) and price them differently according to how much time and money (if any) you had to spend to create the baby newspaper.

Having different kinds of newspaper with different prices allows you to cover a broader range of people and budgets.

Offering more than just a baby newspaper

You don’t have to stop at making personalized birth announcements newspapers. You can offer more than just baby newspapers. You could create wedding newspapers, anniversary newspaper, graduation newspaper, buying a house newspaper,etc. You could even offer birthday party planning and other related services.

I could go on and on. The possibilities are endless. This model is a perfect way to make a living working from home.


A baby news paper business is an easy business to get started. You won’t need thousands of dollars to get it off the ground. There is no need to spend hundred or thousands of dollars to buy equipments and tools. In fact, since you are reading this post, you already have most of the tools you need.

The best thing about baby news paper as a home based job is the fact that there is a lot of room for growing your business. That is why a baby newspapers business is the perfect legitimate home based business for any women especially stay at home moms.