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Google Work From Home Jobs: Scam or Legitimate?

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Google work from home jobs is a popular search term amongst work at home crowds. Lots of people would love to know how to work for Google from home. No wonder why! These days, Google is a household name. One of the few brands that no matter where you go in the world, people recognize it. Plus, with the current financial situation, we could all use some extra money.

Google without a doubt is one of the top companies to work for. And since Google is an online based business, so many people assume that there is a Google work from home program.

Google Work at Home Jobs

Unfortunately, scammers have been using Google’s name and reputation to cheat people who are looking for legitimate ways to work at home for Google. We all have seen those Google starter kit claiming to be legitmiate work from home opportunities or the ads about working for Google posting links. So, the industry is full of scam and Google related job opportunities are not immune from scam either.

However, that doesn’t mean there is no such thing as a legit Google work from home program. In fact, Google does employ many people to work from home for them as customer service providers, ad quality raters and so on. And just like any other legitimate company hiring people to work for them, Google won’t charge you a “registration” fee like so many work at home scam sites do.

How To Find Legitimate Google Work At Home Jobs?
There is only one way to locate legit Google jobs that will allow you to work from home for Google, and that is through Google’s official job site. It’s a site run by Google where you can search by category and location for any and all legitimate Google job opportunities.

The site has every information you need to learn about working for Google (online and offline), the culture of Google and its work environment and how working at home for Google works and what not.

To find current work opportunities with Google, click on the “all U.S. locations” under “Browse jobs by location” section. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on “Multiple Locations (Includes Telecommuting) tab. On the next page it will give you a list of current open positions within each department. Click on any of the departments that interest you and find a legitimate Google work from home job.

How To Apply For Google Jobs?
Well, when you find a job that interests you, simply click on the “Apply” button on the top right side of the job description. It will take you to a page where you enter your information and upload your resume. Then all you have to do is wait to hear back from Google.

So, if you really want to be working for Google from home, don’t waste your money on those Google starter kit scams. The site mentioned above is the only way to find legitimate Google work from home jobs.

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  1. Ken says:

    Google always surprise me

  2. David Y says:

    Great article, hopefully this will combat the ever growing problem of these ads that scam people into thinking there getting a legitimate work at home job.

    • satrap says:

      I hope so too David. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Shawon says:

    Google Job is most prestigious job for anyone.But a high recuirment can need for may apply this

    • satrap says:

      Of course! As with any job you apply for, you give it all you got and hope for the best.

  4. Richard says:

    Hey Satrap,
    I’ve always thought that those ads were a scam, but I didn’t realize there was also an official google job site. That’s pretty awesome.

    • satrap says:


      Yeah, most of those ads are actually scams. Google usually doesn’t put any ads when hiring people for those positions.

      Thanks for stopping by Richard.

  5. Traci Bell says:

    This is a very informative post. Google also contracts out through other companies. If the ads for Google Jobs are flashy- run! But, I know for a fact that Lionbridge, Leapforce, Workforce Logic, and Butler Hill handle contracts with Google and you can apply through these companies to become an Internet Assessor or Search Engine Evaluator. The companies label this position differently, but it all consists of assessing the utility of various search engine results. The best advice is to not pay money for any job.

  6. Caleb says:

    This is a great way to provide people with a trustworthy place to find jobs in this tough economy while still being able to stay home. I didn’t realize there are people trying to act like Google, but it is good you informed people of that.

    • Bruker says:

      @Caleb, I agree with you, in the name of trusted google is a big name and getting job from them is brilliant

    • Lovely Chu says:

      Yes I agree. Google is a trusted name and we can be sure that we are dealing with a credible one. The’re so many scammers online now that we have to pay first before we can get the job. But I’m not sure if there’s really a job waiting.

      • satrap says:

        Yeah, Google is a trusted name and that is why its important to make sure you are not falling for a scam that is using Google’s name to lour you in.

  7. Arjun Rai says:

    working with google is enough in the life, it will be a pleasure working with them.

    • satrap says:

      Yeah Google is one of those companies many people would love to work for.