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Is Global Test Market a Scam or a Legitimate Paid Survey Company?

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Is Global Test Market a scam, or is it a legit and paying paid survey company?… When it comes to making money with online surveys, GlobalTestMarket is a name that you hear often.

Paid surveys provide an opportunity for everyday people to get paid for giving their opinion about products and services that they use in their every day lives. Taking paid surveys for money is a great way to make some extra cash in your spare time. The only problem is that with all the survey scams out there, finding legit companies that you can rely on, is getting harder and harder.

So, the question is where does GTM falls? Is Global Test Market legitimate or is it just another paid survey scam?…

Here is my Global Test Market review…

Global Test Market Review

Is Global Test Market Legitimate?
No, GTM is not a scam. In fact, it is owned by GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.), one of the most reputable market research companies, who has been conducting studies for manufacturers and companies since 1999.

Global Test Market operates in more than 60 different countries, and according to them, they have over 1400 clients/companies who use their services for conducting market research studies. So, when it comes to market research, GlobalTestMarket is one of the most well-known and biggest companies out there, which means, it’s definitely not a scam.

Global Test Market Rewards
Global Test Market is a free paid surveys company, so you don’t have to pay anything to join. As a member of GlobalTestMarket, you will be rewarded for your opinion about variety of products and services in all kind of industries, such as Movies, Restaurants, Automobiles, Consumer products, etc.

For every online survey you complete, you receive what are called “market points”, which can be converted to cash. An average survey that takes about 10 minuets to compete, earns you around 100 market points.

On the top of the money you earn taking paid surveys as a Global Test Market panel member, you will automatically be entered to their sweepstakes for daily and monthly cash drawings, each time you take an online survey.

Global Test Market Points Value
Every 1000 market points equals to $50. And once you have accumulated a 1000 market points, you can ask to be paid. Your Check will arrive in your mailbox in about 2-3 weeks.

Global Test Market International
As I mentioned, they operate in lots of other countries, conducting studies for manufacturers and companies. In order to join GTM, you must be resident of a country where they accept members from. If you don’t live in the US, and would like to join Global Test Market, you can register using the appropriate links below.

GlobalTestMarket US

GlobalTestMarket Australia

GlobalTestMarket UK

GlobalTestMarket Canada


There are hundreds of free survey sites out there, which many of them fall into the paid surveys scam category. But Global Test Market is not one of them. In fact, GTM is a member of BBB, and has been awarded the BBB Accredited Business seal. So, you have nothing to worry, if you want to join Global Test Market.

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  1. MissEb says:


    GlobalTestMarket isn’t a scam but I feel it’s definitely gone downhill and is a shadow of its former self. For e.g., there used to be marketpoints if you didn’t qualify for surveys, but now it’s often sweepstakes instead. Marketpoints rewarded per survey have also gone down making it much harder (and longer) to reach the 1000 point payout.

    I’d still put GTM on my list of survey companies to try —- but only just.

    • satrap says:

      MissEB, I have to agree, although I haven’t done any surveys lately from GTM, I have noticed there new changes and the fact that market points are much less than what they used to be for the same length surveys. But just like You, I still think its a great paid surveys site.

  2. Sumaiya says:

    Hi everybody,

    this is just a brief message for those who are confused and can’t decide between legitimate and suspicious scam paid survey websites.

    Rest assured, GTM, is a legitimate paid survey website, I have been a member for about 4 months and I received a cheque from them on 4th June, 2010 of £33.77 which has now been deposited.

    Furthermore, they always respond to any questions or concerns that you may have, my account has been added once with 25 Marketpoints for the inconvenience caused.

    So go ahead and feel free to join it!

  3. pitorial says:

    Thanks. I’ve been looking for a legitimate paid survey site for a long time. GTM looks like a good one. I am ready to make some money now, lol.

  4. TriNi says:

    I actually just signed up to globaltestmarket, so I’m interested in the results I have from it. So far it seems like a great survey panel. I have a really good experience with Pinecone Research, so I hope GTM can hold up to them. I’m not to thrilled about points instead of cash that has to be accumulated, but I guess I can live with it.

    Thanks for the honest review.

    • satrap says:

      You are welcome. I don’t like the “point” deal either, but the good thing about GTM is that they send out a lot of survey invitations. Some times few a day! So, its not that hard to rack up those points. All and all, I think GlobalTestMarket is really one of the best legitimate paid survey sites I have ever used. Good luck.

  5. Global Test Market is definitely not a scam. Although, I seldom receive survey invites from them.

    The amount of surveys will depend on how much information you provided with them. The more info, the more chances of receiving survey invitations. Before sending invites, they will check your profile first to see if you are qualified to answer the survey. Also, even an invitation has been sent, there’s still chance of getting drop once they have figured that you are not fit to answer the survey, but you will still earn 5 market points though for that particular invitation.

    Honestly, I haven’t earn from them yet, I don’t receive that much invites (because I did not lie to my profile and claim I am this and that just to get as many invitations as possible…hehe). The last time I heard from them was on Sept. 30. I have already accumulated 165 points, still have a long way to go, but I can say Global is worthy of your time.

  6. Frank says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m new to this business and I really would like to get involved and make some extra spending money. I’ve done my research on this and the only thing that really worries me is the fact that they will have all this personal information about the survey taker and I’m worried these information might be used in fraudulent ways (identitiy fraud, credit card fraud,…). Can someone help me out here. What is the best way to approach this “job”. Is it safe? Has anyone had any bad experiences with personal fraud?

    Also can someone kindly recommend some survey sites to join. I very much appreciate any form of informatoin I can gather. THANK YOU!!

    • satrap says:

      If you register and work with legitimate paid survey sites, you will not have to worry about identity fraud or anything like that. Also, legitimate survey sites will never ask you for your credit card, so you don’t have to worry about credit card fraud.

      The best advice I can give you is to be realistic. Although you can make good money taking paid surveys, you can not expect to make a living filling surveys (though a few people can manage that). Just look at it as a way to make some extra money.

      Here is a big list of legitimate paid survey sites where you can register for free and start making some money taking surveys. Legitimate Paid Surveys

      If you have nay questions please feel free to leave a comment here or contact me through my contact page and I will be more than happy to help. Good luck.

    • bill says:


      If your seriously looking to make a little look elsewhere I have not had any problems with my personel information but have been doing this for about 2 months I have never seen a 50 point survey and in all that time I still have only accumilated 400 points and you 1000 to make $50.00 you do the math

  7. Manju says:

    I have been a member of GTM from 2008 and received my first cheque last week. The main thing I like about GTM is that many of popular legitimate surveys sites don’t accept Indians as a member. Even though GTM too does not include Indians in it sweepstakes but still it allows to take surveys and make some pocket money.

    Also looking for more legistimate paid-survey sites that accepts indians as member. Hope any one can help.

    • satrap says:

      GTM truly is a great paid survey company. I know that survey savvy also accepts members from India and survey savvy is one of the most trusted survey companies out there, so you wont have any trouble getting paid. Good luck.

  8. Adrian says:

    I’ve been with Global Testmarketing for a few years but never got paid for anything. Their latest move is something like the strategy used by Toluna (another outfit of doubtful merit) which is to get you to do the survey and right near the end they tell you that you do not qualify. They prey on the vulnerable who are looking for genuine ways to make a dollar. Better to delete their emails than push up your blood pressure

    • Shashi says:

      @Adrian, I am agree with you. they told that they have sent payment to the address but it was returned not found but they are not sending the details of courior.

  9. Bibek Pradhan says:

    Do they pay to Indians?

    • Akalamkam Ramakrishna says:

      @Bibek Pradhan, Yes, I received a Cheque for $57 when I scored 1070 points and I cashed out, but Global Test market is somewhat slow though I like it very much. It is really legitimate.

  10. Naomi says:

    Global Test Market is definitely not a scam. I joined in late 2010 and has already received my first check of USD50 early 2011.

  11. krishna says:

    hiee iam from india i joined globaltestmarket. i want to know how will i get paid after completing the survey..thanks.

  12. krishna says:

    how will i get paid through and other online paid survey websites?

    • John says:


      They are a scam, I have been waiting for a cheque for a long time after the third time requesting not receiving it they say you forfeit your funds.

      They only pay by cheque why not paypal ?

      • satrap says:

        Just because a company pays by cheque, doesn’t mean its a scam. There are many companies that don’t use PayPal and one of the biggest reasons is all the fees that PayPal charges for processing transactions.

  13. hi satrap, why asian countries can register at Global Test survey and its still not available in the Philippines?

    • Satrap says:

      I would think its because of the market Rubylou. If there aren’t enough companies needing market research studies in an area, then paid survey companies won’t be active in that area.

  14. Ashish Ku Pani says:

    I am from India. Please give me information about how to cash out my Cheque in India. Which banks Cheque will they send to me?…

    • Satrap says:

      Ashish, I don’t really know how they deal with the paymnets in different countries. I do know in the U.S, Global Test Market simply sends you the check to the address you specify, and I would imagine that’s how they would do it in India as well. But I am not sure. The best way to find out is to contact Globaltestmarket and ask them directly. In the mean time, I will try to dig deeper to see if I can find any answer. Keep an eye here as I Will update it if I find any information. Good luck.

  15. I’m from India and a member of GTM for more than a year. I did a lot of research before joining GTM and on reading positive reviews I joined it. I receive around 1-2 surveys in a week with marketpoints ranging from 35 to 60 . I reached 1000 points on 12-12-12 and redeemed the same day. After waiting for 6 weeks when I dint receive any check, I complained to their customer care. After some investigation I was told that they have not despatched any check due to some internal problem and told they will be dispatching the check immediately. It’s now almost 6 weeks but I’m yet to receive check from GTM. I trust GTM to be a legit survey panel but disappointed of them being irresponsible in dispatching the checks on time. I hope to receive my first check from them soon. I will update here soon after I have received the check.

    • Satrap says:

      Sorry for your experience Mohammed. I hope you get it resolved. And please do update us here when when you hear from them or you get your check. Thanks for sharing your experience Mohammed.

  16. Samara says:

    I received this message when i complained to the site!

    Our effort to send payment for the second time to the address on file has been
    unsuccessful. Per company policy, members are required to have a deliverable
    address and we will make up to three attempts to deliver payment. If payment
    does not arrive after the third attempt the funds will unfortunately be
    forfeited due to an undeliverable address.

    At this time, please provide an alternative address of a friend, relative or
    work address and we will make the final attempt to mail the payment.

    I don’t understand what to do now!

    Can any one please tell me I’m from Andhra Pradesh, India.

    • Satrap says:

      That basically means you need to update your profile and give them a real address (where you live) so they can send you your check.

  17. satrap says:

    I am sorry about your experience. In the last few years that I have been with global test market, I have gotten paid each and every time. And I know plenty of other people who have the same experience.
    It sounds like you live in Pakistan since you said you haven’t received a single Rupee. I dont even know if GTM accepts members from Pakistan. Maybe that’s part of the problem. I really wish I could help somehow. But I have never heard of anyone who had problem getting paid from global test market. The only thing I can do is, to give you their information. If you wish, you can mail them a latter instead of emailing them. That might help you get paid faster. I wish you good luck. Please feel free to come back and let us know what happens. Good luck.

    Global Test Market Contact info:
    1100 112th Ave. NE
    South Building, Suite 200
    Bellevue, WA 98004
    United States