20 Sites That Pay You to Answer Questions

Get paid to answer questions online may sound unbelievable, but it’s real! It may not be the best way to make money, but you can certainly make some extra money answering questions and giving advice on the Internet.

How can you get paid for answering questions?

Well, if you are one of those that family and friends go to when they seek advice and answers (which you are, since each one of us is good at something), you are in luck! You can in fact make a decent amount of money by giving advice and answering questions online.


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Getting paid for advice may sounds crazy, but if you pause for a moment and think about it, it’s not that crazy. I mean, why do people pay a broker or financial adviser?…To get advice about a subject they are not familiar with themselves.

Making money by giving advice and answering questions online is the same thing really, you get paid to give advice and answer questions.

Get Paid to Answer Questions

Every one of us is an expert on something, why not get paid for it!

A while ago, one night while I was sitting on my patio watching my dog play in the backyard, somehow an idea came to my mind “what if I set up an advice and answer site, where you can help others by giving advice and answers while getting paid for it…?”

So I started searching the web to see if there is anything like it, only to find out that I was a couple of years behind. There were already a dozen or so question and answer websites and they were quite popular.

And yes people do pay to have their questions answered or get advice on something they are struggling with. If you think about it, it really makes sense.

For example, if you could get some advice for $10 on how to fix your car, wouldn’t you rather spend that $10 instead of spending maybe a couple of hundred dollars to take it to the shop and have it fixed, not knowing if they fix it right or it’s going to come a part ten days later. ?…

I know I would! And I think for reasons like that, people are wiling to pay for an expert advice. Now, you could start your own question and answer site and make even more money, but creating a site and driving traffic to it takes a long long time and a lot of money, that’s if you even know how to build one.

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Thank fully, you don’t have to do that. For the rest of us who just want to simply get paid to give advice, there are a couple of dependable Q & A sites we can use to do just that.

Get Paid for Giving Advice and Answers –  20 Q & A Sites

1- JustAnswer

With over 20 million user base, JustAnswer.com is a great place to get paid for your expertise. Basically you answer questions that are priced from $5 to up to $25 or more.

If the customer accepts your answer, then (s)he will pay for it, which will be deposited to your Just Answer account. Once you have reached the $20 threshold, you can cash out via PayPal. Obviously, you can work any time you want. I think it’s a fun way to make a few bucks.

2- Keen

This is a great idea that keen came up with. If you are good with giving advice to people around you, then you can make money by giving advice to others over the phone, on keen. Though, it is focused more on Psychic Reading and related matters.

You set the hours you want to accept calls, then you set the price that you want to charge per minuet. When a customer that needs your expert advice on a subject calls, it will be redirected to you. You get 62% of it, and the rest goes to keen for connecting charges. By the way, customers will not see your number, and you can set the hours that you accept phone calls.

3- ChaCha

ChaCha has been growing pretty fast. In fact, it is one of the leading services of its kind. You get paid to answer question that people ask through their smart phone.

4- LivePerson

LivePerson is another advice giving website that matches people who have questions to people who are qualified to answer them. You will be categorized (thus paid accordingly) based on your expertise.

5- BitWine

This one is a bit different – You actually give advice by chatting (instant massaging), or video chat. But you can use phone conversation too, if you choose so. First, you will have a chat with the customer, set the price, then when everything is agreed upon, you can decide to use phone or video chat.

6- WerLive

Another video chat advice giving site. The cool thing is that you can create tutorials, take a photo, and provide services, and get paid for it, even when you’re not online. Plus, you earn 60% of what the person who you refer, spends in your Chat room. For every expert you refer you get $100.

The pay is from $0.98 to $9.80 per minuet. The better rating you get from your customer, the more you can earn.

7- Ether

If you are an expert in any field, this is another opportunity to make money from your expertise. They give you a free (1-888-MY-ETHER ) phone number. Set your rate anyway you like, charge whatever amount you like, $10 $50 $70 … per hour, per minuet, or per call.

You can market your self anywhere. Put your ETHER phone number on your blog, website and even on your business card.

8- StudentOfFortune

This is one of my favorite sites. You get to provide answers to students who need help about a variety of subjects, and earn money. Of course, you can choose to teach and answer questions related to any subject you feel comfortable with.

Receive %80 commission. Pay is via PayPal. The best part is that you get to feel good about helping a student while making some extra cash.

9- ExpertBee

“Have a Question? Get an Answer. Have an Answer? Get Paid”. That is the slogan of ExpertBee, and it is really as simple as that. If you can answer questions, then you can make a few bucks. When the question is posted, you get to bid on it with your price to answer it. After you win the question, the Inquirer will pay you through Expert bee. Once it’s all done, the money will be redirected to your PayPal.

10- SmallBizAdvice

If you are an expert in any kind of business, you can get paid to answer questions related to small business. Questions range from requiring simple how-to answers, to complicated and detailed answers. You can choose the questions you want to answer, and bid on them. They pay every two weeks via PayPal.

11- WebAnswers

You answer questions, and if your answer is chosen to be the “awarded answer”, by the people who are asking the question, your answer will be posted, and you will get a percentage of the revenue generated by ads displayed by Google AdSense.

12- KnowBrainers

In order to be able to make money you have to become an active member of the community by asking and answering free questions. Then, you can ask to become an approved expert, which will mean you can get paid for every answer you provide.

13- Askables

They have 4 different levels – Contributor,Helper, Expert, Top Expert. As a Contributor you earn 50% of the revenue earned through ads on the site, as a Helper, you earn 60%, as an Expert, you earn 70% of the earned revenue, plus you get $5 per post, and finally, as a Top Expert, you earn 70% of the revenue, and $15 per post.

14- HelpOwl

You don’t earn cash per se with this site, instead you earn points for answering questions. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for all kinds of prizes.

15- Weegy

As a Weegy expert, you can expect to get paid around $0.20 for every conversation you are involved in.Once you have earned at least $20, they will pay you via PayPal.

16- KGB

Founded in 1992, KGB is the biggest branded directory assistance services provider in Europe. It is also the biggest independent provider of outsourced directory assistance services in the United States. As a KGB agent you get paid to answer text questions. Pay is between $0.08 to $0.10 per answer.

17- Experts 123

You will be given assignment to complete. You are paid according to each assignment. You can even earn up to $20 for each detailed answer (350-600 word article) if you write articles that are labeled as “Work for Hire” status.

18- Crowd Answers

Another great site where you can answer question and make money via their Google AdSense revenue sharing program.

19- Shvoong

This is more of a review site than short answers. But nonetheless, people are asking for reviews to be written. So, in a way, these are question people have about different topics and products.

20- Paid Answers

As the name suggest, you get paid to answer people’s questions.

Final Words

Question and answer sites are great ways to make extra money. Unfortunately, you can’t get paid to answer question on Yahoo Answers, which is arguably the biggest question and answer site in the world.

Perhaps the best thing about using these get paid to answer sites is that you get to use your knowledge and expertise to help other people in need of your knowledge and that is a good feeling knowing you are helping other people.

Have you ever used Q & A sites as either the expert giving advice and answers or as a person in need of answers?…Please feel free to share your experience and also leave a comment if you know of any other sites that enables you to get paid to answer questions.