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A Personal CashCrate Review: Scam Or Legit?

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Is CashCrate a scam, or a legit site to make money with?…

If you have been looking for free ways to make money online for a while, you’ve probably come across get paid to programs, and by now, you probably have heard of a very well-known GPT site, called CashCrate. And like many, perhaps you have been looking for an honest review of CashCrate to find out once and for all, if indeed is legitimate site, or just another “make money online quick” scam.

Well, you are in the right place. This CashCrate review is nothing like the normal reviews you see and read online. It is based on my own personal experience.

With that said, for those of you who aren’t familiar with CC, let me explain what it is, and how you can use it to make some money online.


What Is
Cashcrate is basically a Get Paid To (also known as GPT) site where you can get paid to complete offers. You can take surveys, register for newsletters and free websites, do trial offers, shop, etc.

GPT sites like Cash Crate get paid from companies to generate leads for them, and each time they do, the get paid for it, which then they share a percentage of the money with you (the lead). Its kind of a rewards or cash back program with one major difference, you don’t have to always buy things to get cash back! They have many free offers as well, like online surveys, and registering with different free websites and etc.


Is CashCrate A Scam?
I found CC a few years ago when I was first getting started in online money making, and like many other people, I too started out with taking online surveys and completing offers on get paid to sites like CashCrate. To be honest, at first I was skeptic as well. I mean, their ads are nothing short of “too good to be true” kind of ads. But I gave it a go, as I really wanted it to work.

Fast forward to a few weeks later, and me receiving my first check of $78.28, and I was a believer. Of course, that motivated me even more to spend more time on completing offers left and right.

I have made a decent amount of money with CC over the years. Although, these days, since I am too busy with running BlogStash and a few other sites of mine, I don’t have much free time to do that any more.

But even today, whenever I have some free time, I do check out my old account. Whenever I want to shop online, CashCrate shopping center is where I check first to see if they offer any cash back or reward for shopping from the particular site I am planning to shop from. I mean, if I am going to buy something any way, I may as well earn some reward for it. So, if you ask me, Cashcrate is a legitimate and reliable site.

Getting Paid By CashCrate
The minimum for cash-out is $20, which in all honesty, it’s not that hard to reach, considering that there are lots of high paying offers you can complete.

The only downside here is their cash out system. I personally think it takes a bit too long. But from a business point of view, I guess I can understand they are trying to cut down on cheaters and frauds.

I mean, think about it, if they paid weekly, they would have little chance of getting their money back, if they find out that particular member had cheated (perhaps using different IPs to complete the same offer over and over). So, by paying members 30 days after they have requested cash out, they decrease the chance of any cheaters slipping through the cracks, as they will have more time to catch up with them.

Once you have $20 in your account, you can request a cash out. Each cash out is processed by the 20th of the following month. Meaning, if you earn $100 in June, your check will arrive around mid July.


CashCrate Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t Quite Your Job: Ok, lets be honest here – is legit, and it’s a great way to earn some extra cash. But that’s about it! If you are looking to get rich, this is not for you. Don’t quit your day job yet, as doing offers on CashCrate by no means is going to replace your day job.
  • It’s a very limited opportunity: Although, they do add new offers frequently, they only have some surveys and free offers you can complete and get paid for. After that you run out of offers, and the only other options you have for making money are trial offers and shopping.
  • It Takes Some Effort: Making money with CashCrate, like most other legitimate gpt sites, depends on a few things, like how much time and effort you’re willing to put into making money.
  • Earn More With Trail & Shopping: Of course, it depends on how many offers are available as well. Using free offers you might be able to make a few hundred dollars a month, and if you want to take the chance to do the trial offers, you can make much more than that.
  • Refer Friends: CashCrate also rewards you for referring others. Each time you refer someone, you get paid a percentage of what they earn as a CashCrate member. So, be sure to take advantage of their referral program by referring your friends and family.
  • Don’t Forget To Cancel The Trials: I would suggest sticking with surveys and free offers for making money on CashCrate. But if you do decide to go for the trial offers, and make more money, be careful. Always make sure to call the company afterword and cancel your subscription. If not, your credit card will keep getting charged month after month, and you’ll end up spending way more money than what you made.


In a nutshell, CashCrate is legit, it has been paying people for years, for completing offer online, and it continues to pay its members. Although, you can’t really count on it as a source of serious income, you can make somewhat of a decent money with CashCrate.

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  1. satrap says:

    Although I haven’t been doing any offers on cashcrate lately, I have been a member of cashcrate for a longtime, and I have received more than 15 checks, and each and every time they were on time. I am glad you are careful, there are a lot of scams out there, and you want to make sure you know the site is legitimate before you waste your time. But, yes cashcrate is legitimate and they do pay. Good luck.

  2. Ziggy says:

    I also have used Cashcrate for some time now. They are one website you can count on to get paid. On the other hand, I visit to see if anyone has had any complaints about certain gpt sites.

    • satrap says:

      The Eas…,
      Great tip. GPTboycott is a great site to find out about the legitimacy of any gpt site.

  3. brad j says:

    Again not one I’ve heard of but I’m new to this. Looks like this is one of the more reputable one’s. I will give it a try.

    • satrap says:

      Cashcrate truly is a legitimate and reputable gpt site. You can be sure that you will be paid each and every time.

  4. satrap says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I am sure it will be useful to a lot of readers. I will take a look at it, and who knows, if its really that good, maybe I will write an article about it.

  5. Melima says:

    Actually, CashCrate is not a scam. There are just some people out there that says a lot of bad things about it. I have been using cashcrate to make extra money for a few years now and they have paid me every time.

  6. JasonLee says:

    Cashcrate is good. There are also other good gpt websites out there as well.

  7. Bear says:

    Thanks for your insights and information. I’ve suggested my friends to this blog and I need to say you are having a excellent looking theme too.

  8. Angelina says:

    I was in a dilemma whether to trust Cashcrate or not. I have been hearing a lot about them lately mostly positive. Your post raps it up for me. I am going to sign up and give it a try. Hopefully it will work and I’ll make some money, lol.

  9. Nicki says:

    CashCrate is legit. I have been a memebr of CC for over 3 years now and I got more than 20 checks from them.

    • ritchie says:

      @Nicki, im from philippines,,wil dey stil send me a check if i can accumulate such amounts from their offers??coz,,im far from US,where it came from..tnx,,shall appreciate ur response..^^

  10. Bearings says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I am sure it will be useful to a lot of readers. I will take a look at it, and who knows, if its really that good, maybe I will write an article about it.

  11. MaxRyd says:

    CashCrate claims to pay users for signing up for offers, trying new products, completing surveys and getting cash back on purchases made at hundreds of your their online retailers.

    All the user has to do is “fill out the form with valid information and participate.” What this really means is that the user will be asked to:
    1) provide an email address which will be sold to numerous third parties, thereby generating hundreds of spam messages to your inbox every day.
    2) fill out a form that needs to include a cell phone number. The moment the cell phone number is divulged, the user will receive text spam at a cost to the USER of $9.99.
    3) complete any two offers. These offers may seem free (such as a free trial to whiter teeth), but users will be asked to reveal credit card details in order to cover shipping and processing. Mostly this is a nominal fee of no more than one dollar, but the point is that CashCrate and its advertisers will acquire credit card information that may then be used in any one of a number of credit card scams.

    If all the steps are not fulfilled, user participation is considered incomplete and the account will not be credited. Furthermore there are no real surveys on CashCrate, just endless pages of offers, designed to confuse the user and extract as much personal information as possible. CashCrate is visibly a scam and a dangerous one at that. Stay well away!

    • satrap says:

      1- That is why I always suggest you get a “throw away email” just for gpt and paid survey sites. (I mean, it takes 30 sec to register a free email address)
      2- Not ll the offers on CC require cellphone number. In fact, most offers don’t. Plus, if you read each offers detail before you submit, it will tell you exactly what you can expect.
      3- If you read all the information about the trial offer before you sign up for it, you will see that they all give you notice about the recurring bill. Now its up to you to go with it or not.

      And I don’t get your point when you say “If all the steps are not fulfilled, user participation is considered incomplete a…”! Its part of the agreement. You have to do everything the right way to get paid. Its like saying you contracted a job and will be paid only if you do the job the way the other person wants you to do, then you get mad at the person for not paying you because you didn’t do the job the way he wanted you to!

      You have a choice when it comes to the kind of offers you want to participate in! Again, most gpt sites including CC have hunderds of free offers that don’t require credit card or phone number. So, for those who aren’t comfortable with trial offers or shopping, there are tons of free stuff. I have been using gpt sites for 7 years now and I never had any of the above problems you mentioned because I always red all the details before doing any offer. As I said, you won’t get rich doing gpt stuff, but you can make extra money.

  12. Sean says:

    Check out Cashcrate. You really can make easy money with hardly any effort!

    Sign up and earn some extra cash

  13. ben weber says:

    i love this site guys so if you really interested in making money please go here

  14. Julie says:

    I thought it was a scam at first, but I was totally proven wrong once I received my first check. I did a couple of surveys (didn’t take much effort), then I requested my check. I was able to cash it just fine. Now I’m making an average of $200 dollars a month hardly doing anything and it’s kinda fun actually. If you have ?’s, feel free to ask under my CC reference. I posted pictures of my checks too. :)

    Good luck!

    • satrap says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience Julie. I am glad you are doing good with CashCrate.

  15. anonymous says:

    Just. Awful. I’m familiar with the phrase, “you have to spend money to make money,” but as I understand it, after you pay, you are supposed to receive return payment. THIS HAS NOT YET OCCURRED and I have been a cashcrate member for two months. Two-thirds of the offers I completed were never credited. Not worth the time, money, spam, and telemarketers.

    • Satrap says:

      Hi Anonymous,
      Sorry for your experience. They have lots of free offers that you can stick to. Also, you have to ensure you do the offers based on their specific requirements, otherwise they won’t credit because their advertisers won’t pay them, which is why your account won’t get credited.

      I am not trying to stand up for CashCrate or anything like that, but knowing this site for a long long time and getting paid many many times, plus knowing other people who are still making money with them, I wouldn’t say CashCrate is a spam. It is however unfortunate that some remembers have bad experiences with them.

      Either way, thanks for sharing your experience and best of luck to you.