13 Awesome Sites for Teenagers to Earn Extra Money Online

How can a 13 year old make money online?…

With the current financial crisis, we are all looking for ways to make extra money. There are many ways adult do it, but what about Kids? Are there ways for kids to earn money?


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There are a few different ways for teenagers to earn money, but I think one of the best options for teens is online surveys and GPT programs.

That said, there are many sites that claim to be legitimate, but they are in fact scams. However, there are some survey and GPT sites that have proven to be really good ways for kids to make money fast.

So, whether you are an adult trying to find out how kids can make money, a 13 year old kid  (or whatever age you are) wanting to earn some easy cash in your spare time, here are 13 online surveys for kids to make money online:

1- CashCrate

CashCrate, a good way for kids to earn money

CashCrate is one of the most famous sites when it comes to making money with GPT (get paid to)programs. You can earn money by taking online surveys, completing offers, doing free trials, shopping and etc. You can also earn money by referring other people to CashCrate.

You earn 20% for your direct referrals and 10% from your referral’s referrals. As soon as you reach $5 (which is not that hard with all the different ways you can earn money there), you can request a payment, which will be paid to you b y check on the 20th of the following month.

2- MyView

way for 13 to make money
You will enjoy this one! Its a survey site focused on movies, music and games.

If you like getting paid for surveys, and are going to join only one site, I would recommend you choose Ipsos-iSay. Ipsos is the most fun and well-paying panel. Give it a try to see how you like it. It is free anyway!

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You earn money by watching move trailers, music videos, games and answering questions about them.

3- e-Poll

Most surveys take about 10 minuets to complete, and pay on average about 1000 points.

You can cash out your points when you have 3500 points, which equals to $5.

You can either request a check, gift certificate or choose from a huge selection of prizes they have.

4- Mylot

A great website where teens (and anyone else for that matter) can earn money by asking questions, answering questions and uploading photos.

Another way you can earn money on MyLot is by completing simple tasks. These tasks can be simple things like finding a specific image, writing a few paragraphs about a specific subject, and any other thing that people might need help with.

When you reach the minimum monthly payout which is $10, you will be paid in your PayPal.

5- GameSurveys

Game Surveys For Teens
A paid survey sites focused on games, offering one of the most fun ways for kids to make money online.

You can get paid to play games and answer questions about it. A normal game survey takes about 10 minuets to complete, and pays on average about $5.

You can choose to be paid via PayPal, MoneyBookers or Amazon Gift Certificates.

6- GangsterGreed

Kids asking themselves how to make money as a kid should definitely check GG out! GG is a really fun site for teens to earn money online. You can make money on GangsterGreed filling out online surveys, referring friends, signing up for free trials, etc.

There are a lot of games and contest you can participate in to win cool prizes as well.

You earn 25% commission from what the people who you referred to the site, earn, and 6.25% commission from people who your referrals refer to the site.

Gangster greed is by far the fastest site when it comes to payout. When you reach the $10 threshold required for cashing out, you can request to be paid, and within minutes you will be paid in your PayPal.

7- DataTelligence

DataTelligence Surveys
You earn points for each survey you qualify for and complete.

Once you have 1000 points in your account, you can redeem your points for an item from their huge catalog of items.

8- MyOpinionNow

MyOpinionNow Surveys For Kids
After registration, they will send you survey invitations. For each survey you complete you earn whats called ” RewardPoint”.

Of course, the number of RewardPoints you earn depends on each individual surveys length and importance.

They also send you products to try at home and give your opinion about.

9- PalmResearch

Palm Research Surveys
Get paid to take online surveys and participating in studies conducted from their website.

They pay once a month vie check or pay pal. The minimum requirement for cash out is $10.

10- DailySurveyPanel

Daily Survey Panel
One of the largest paid survey sites is DailySurveyPanel.

Unlike most paid survey sites that send a few survey invitations a week, you will receive survey invitations on a daily basis. So, you have a good chance for earning a lot of money.

Very fast payment process. You can expect to get paid within 24-48 of requesting it!

11- FocusFwdOnline

FocusFwdOnline is a good site for 13 years old kids to make money online

Although they don’t send out much survey invitations (1-2 surveys a month), when they do, their surveys are usually very interesting and the payments are very high.

Once you have $10 in your account, you will be paid either by check or pay pal (your choice).

They have a lot of focus groups opportunities as well. Focus group studies usually pay much more than online surveys.

12- TestSpin


Another one of those really great ways for teenagers to make money. Not only you can earn money by taking online surveys, you can also get paid to test new products, music, videos, websites, and more.

You can earn up to $4 for each survey you take, and $30 for each focus group you participate in. Their focus groups are conduced online.

The minimum for cash out is $10, which isn’t that hard to reach, considering the big number of survey invitations they send out and also the considerably high payment for each survey they offer.

You can redeem your earnings for Amazon.com gift certificates.

13- TeensEyes

TeensEyes Paid Surveys For Kids
Earn points for taking surveys and participating in other projects they may have from time time. Receive 300 points immediately just for for joining.

After registration, they will send a letter to your parent or guardian letting them know about it. They also send surveys for the parents from time to time.

For each survey you take, you can earn anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand points each time you complete a survey.

Every 1000 points equals to $10. And when you have $10 in your account, you can request to be paid.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to make money online, but not all of them are quite suitable for kids. And in general, making money online, specially for teens, is not that easy.

Although, there are so many quick and easy ways for kids to make money, there are also a lot of scams out there that can crush a teen’s dream of earning his or her pocket money.

So, it is important to be careful and keep your eyes open if you are serious about teaching your kid about making money. Try to stick with these and other similar sites, which I think are the best ways for kids to make money.