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12 Best Get Paid to Review Sites to Make Money with

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Get paid to review products! Who wouldn’t like that? It is one of the most interesting and also easy ways of making money online. And the best thing is that almost anyone can get paid to for reviewing websites, movies, books, and all kinds of products.

When it comes to purchasing a product or a services, reviews play a big role in the decision making of many consumers. That’s why, many companies spend a lot of money to understand what costumers think of their products and how they would like it to be improved. It’s almost like paid surveys and mystery shopping in a sense. It works in a simple way – you get paid to share your experience with others about a product or a service that you have used in the past.

If you like the idea of getting paid for reviews, and perhaps want to earn some money doing reviews, here are 12 best get paid to review websites that you can use to make money reviewing products and services online:

1- Vindale Research
make money reviewing
Vindale Research is not a get paid to review site per se, but in a sense you do make money by sharing your opinion and ideas about products and services you use in your daily life. They pay up to $75 per survey/review. If you sign up with just one site, I would highly recommend you sign up with Vindale.


2- is a great paid to review site is a review site where reviews are not written, but rather filmed. You simply check their marketplace to find products to review and record yourself talking about the product. You can review any kind of product you like, except prescription medicine, firearms, and tobacco products. You can also earn points by taking surveys and referring friends.


get paid to write reviews
DooYoo is a website where you are paid to write reviews that can help others make decisions about buying a product. You simply write reviews on products and services you have used, sharing your experience with others who might be interested in buying the same product or services as well. Each time you write a review on any product or service, you earn what are called “DooYooMiles”. You also earn additional points every time your reviews is read by other people. They also give prizes every month to the best product reviews of the month.


get paid for reviewing websites
Shvoong is a kind of get paid to review site, where you can make money by writing reviews on written publications such as books, magazines, e-books, websites and etc. The reviews are written as brief summaries so that the readers can quickly get the information they need and move on. Shvoong earns money from the advertisement displayed through out the site, which in return for your reviews, they will share 10% of the total revenue earned from ads displayed next to your reviews. When you have $10 in your account, you can request a payment which will be paid on the 5th day of every month.


get paid to review websites
Ciao is one of the biggest paid survey sites, in addition to that Ciao also pays its members to write reviews on verity of subjects, from electronics and CDs to books, restaurants and anything in between. You earn money every time your review is red or rated by other members. Once you have £5 in your account, you can request a payment.


get paid for writing reviews
You need to have a blog to be able to use this site to get paid to review. Basically, their advertisers choose which specific blogs to review their product, service, website or what have you. After submitting your blog and being approved, your blog info will be available to advertisers who might want a reviews of their products on your blog. You can get paid in few different ways.You can get paid by Check with a $25 minim, Reviewme Prepaid MasterCard with a $20 minimum and pay pal with no minimum.


7- is one of the most well-known review sites
When it comes to get paid to review websites, RS is one of the most famous one. Its an international review site. You can write reviews on just about anything from electronics, hotels and restaurants to fashions, toys, books and everything else. Each review that you write, earns you $2, if it is on the hot topics requested by Review Stream. For any other reviews, members are paid %0.25 per review. On the top of that, each time a member votes for your review, you earn an additional $0.1. Once you have $50 in your account, you can request a payment, which will be paid to you via PayPal.


8- Pays its members for each review
SharedReviews is a kind of social network where you can write reviews in more than 400 categories. Shared Reviews shares 50% of its revenue generated by ads displayed along side the reviews, with the review writers. An interesting thing about SR is that every time you vote on reviews written by other members, you automatically get a share of their revenue as well. Basically, not only you get paid to review products, you can also earn money by voting for other people’s reviews.


get paid to review books at
RateItAll is one of the most popular review sites. You can write reviews about everything, and I mean everything! Toys, Local bars and restaurants, games, products, people, places, books, music, movies, celebrities, dogs, poems, art, games, travel…. RateItAll is very unique compere to other review sites, in a sense that reviews are written in the form of bullet pointed lists about a topic, where everyone can share their opinions about it. You get 50% of the revenue generated by ads displayed nest to your reviews.


get paid to write reviews
The first time you write a review, you earn $3 for it. After that, each review earns you $1.00. Reviews are rated based on their quality. There is a quality review threshold, which if your review score reaches that point, you earn an additional $10.00 on the top of what you already earn for the your reviews. The minimum required for payout is $10.00. Carrotreviews has one set back and that is the fact that you are restricted to writing only 5 reviews a month. Although this rules changes from time to time.


get paid to review products
Another great sites where you get paid for writing reviews. Epinions is a company where members can earn money by writing useful reviews about different products. there is no limit to how many reviews you can write. The more reviews you write, the more money you make. The first 10 reviews that you write, earn you $10, 20 to 30 reviews earn you $20, writing 30-39 reviews earn you $30, and so on. Every time you write a review you receive what are called “Eroyalties credits”, which are redeemable in US dollars. When you accumulated $10 in your account, you can request to be paid, which will be paid to you by check.


get paid to review software
As the name suggests, you will be writing reviews about softwares. You can expect to get paid up to $50 dollars for each software review you write. They have a list of softwares that you can write reviews on. Although, you are limited to only 3 reviews a day.
review movies
Usertesting is another video reviews site, focused on reviewing different websites. They give you a free software which lets you record your mouse movements while you visit the site you are reviewing along with your spoken words. You get paid $10 for each video review you create. And when you think about hundreds of websites that are available to review, you can easily see the potential in making real good money with UT.


When it comes to getting paid for reviewing websites, it is important to put honestly ahead of everything else. After all, your reviews will play a big rule in many people’s decisions in buying a product or service. Plus, most get paid to reviews sites emphasize on writing reviews based on your true experience, and if you don’t, they will eventually catch up with you, which might lead you to lose your chance to get paid to review.

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  1. Ronald says:

    I’ve been making money online in the Philippines for over a year now but my income sources were limited. Glad I found these recommendations from you.

    • satrap says:

      I am glad you find this post useful. good luck.

  2. Simon says:

    That’s a really useful list, thank you. I hadn’t heard of any of these before and it will be useful for my son who is looking for some simple online money making opportunities.

    • satrap says:

      Glad you like the list. I wish you and your son good luck.

  3. Braddy says:

    I can remember having a good experience with Review Me and a few other ones, but Google has really stumped down on the pay to blog post about a certain site unfortunately!

    Personally speaking it is better to go through blog posts privately, therefore you don’t run the risk of being caught by Google at all.

  4. jackspin007 says:

    i m making money by other way in India but due to limited resource i cant able to get to much…thanks for the post ..i will try them all.

  5. Woody says:

    Great useful resources, i will check them out. Thanks.

  6. Prakash says:

    Nice post on get paid to review sites and i love the list of sites you have given me to work on

  7. Getting paid to review sites, is not as big as it used to be, but you can still garner an income from it

  8. Dan K says:

    On some review sites, payment can be affected by how the overseers ‘rate’ your review.

    There is nothing wrong in having your review critiqued! It is essential so to ensure a review that makes sense, contain enough detail, is easy to read, does not contain bad language, etc. etc.

    But often the staff give you very little help in understanding how they rate your review. Make sure you keep asking until they do. They should be as detailed in their crticism of your review as they expect you to be in writing it.

  9. zaenal says:

    Thanks for information, Great list of get paid to review sites. Off to make some money now with these sites. I have lots of work to do now, lol! Thanks.

  10. AnnCash says:

    I will try at least 3 of paid to review sites you posted and I hope I will enjoy working with them.

    • satrap says:

      I hope you enjoy working with them as well Ann. Best of luck to you.

  11. farzad says:

    I have been looking for some great sites to have some income and i saw your list . they are very good and thank you for your post.
    But i have another request , do you know some legit survey sites please list them here

    • satrap says:

      Hi Farzad,
      I am glad you liked the list.
      I have actually wrote an article with a list of more than 40 legitimate paid surveys sites. You can see the list by visiting the following link: paid surveys

  12. Pam says:

    Hi , I just read your blog on paid review sites and survey sites. really good information. most of the sites that i have visited before had asked me to pay money inorder to start with. Are you sure that these sites does not ask for any such ? Also i have been working for a US company from India for last 6 years, but due to rising llivivng cost i am forced to look for some extra income to cover up my personal expensis. Does these sites work good from india and are they relaible in terms of payment ? Do educate me on this as i am a beginer to the reviews ans surveys.

    • satrap says:

      Hi Pam,
      Yeah, I am 100% sure that these sites dont ask you for money. I mean, it wouldn’t even make sense, you are there to work for them and get paid, not the other way around. Are you sure you were visiting the exact same sites?…
      Yes, you can work for these sites from anywhere in the world as far as I know.
      I wish you the best of luck. Just be careful and always do your research before you start using a company to ensure you dont get scammed.

  13. R. says:

    i bet you can only register on these sites if u live in the U.S. tried the 1st one doesn’t even indicate that in the home, really discouraging.

    • satrap says:

      Actually many of these sites do accept members from around the world. As long as you can write good reviews, I don’t think it would matter for them what country you live in, unless of course their advertisers (who you actually write reviews for) ask otherwise.

  14. Sumit says:

    Thanks bro, I found review me awesome

  15. waseem says:

    can u give me the sites with which i get money for reviews in India.

    • Satrap says:

      Waseem, unfortunately I don’t know of any specific to India review sites. But if you check with these sites, some of them may accept international members. Thanks.

  16. Laura says:

    I have seen alot of bad reviews on vindale research

    • Satrap says:

      Laura, for almost any company you can find both positive and negative reviews. However, based on my research and personal experience, I consider Vindale a very legit company. Thanks for the comment Laura.

  17. fakhry says:

    I think is still the best paid review site

    • Satrap says:

      SP is indeed a great pay pr review site Fakhry.

  18. Maketta says:

    I have written reviews for ReviewStream.

    • Satrap says:

      I hope you are making decent money with it Maketta. Review Stream is a great site to earn money on by writing reviews.

  19. lili says:

    There is a music review site called SliceThePie which you get paid to listen to 90 second music and write a review to each song.

  20. Nikkie S says:

    Has anyone ever heard of revoozit? I heard of it through a friend who I cant seem to contact now and cant really find a link to it online. I heard you earn 40.00 a wek to write reviews on products you already have in your home.

    • Satrap says:

      Hi Nikkie,
      Actually, yes I have heard of it. But they went out of business for some reason. Their website no longer exist.