101 Ways to Make Money at Home

There are lots of 101 ways to make money online kind of posts out there. I always liked these kinds of posts, simply because they are usually a good source of inspiration.

These kinds of lists may not help you make money per se, but they certainly are great for opening your mind to new and even old online money making ideas that can help you create an income source on the web. With that said, here are…

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101 Ways to Make Money on the Internet


1- Paid Surveys: Get paid to take online surveys, sharing your opinion about the products and services you use in your every day life. 40+ legitimate free paid survey sites

Paid Surveys

2- Get Paid to: Register with a few free GPT sites and make some extra cash by doing what you already do online, shopping, visiting websites, playing games and so on. 8 legitimate GPT sites

3- Blogging: Write a blog about a subject that interests you. When you start to get some traffic, monetize it with Adsense or many other monetization methods.

4- Sell on eBay: There are many ways you can make money on eBay and with some of them you do not even need to invest any capital.

5- Craigslist: One of the most visited websites in the world happens to be a free classified ad site where you can easily make money by buying things for cheap (and sometimes even for free) and selling them right back on it for higher prices.

6- Freelance writing: You can actually make good money working online as a freelance writer. There are many websites that are more than happy to pay you for your work.

7- Affiliate Marketing: Make money by signing up free with affiliate marketing networks such as Commission Junction and MaxBounty and promote their offers.

8- Start a Membership Site: Start a membership site around a topic you are an expert on and charge people for your premium content and services.

9- Email List Marketing: Buy or rent lists from webmaster and promote a product or services to the subscribers.

10- Create an AdSense Site: Pick a small niche with not much competition and create a website around it covering every aspects of it. Then monetize the site using Google Adsense.

11- Buy and Sell Domains: Use domain auction sites like GoDaddy to find and buy good domain names for cheap. After a while sell them back for higher prices.

12- Publish a book: These days thanks to sites like amazon, you can easily self publish a book.

13- Start a Podcast: Create a podcast on an interesting topic and sell it on iTunes.

14- Create a plugin: if you are good at it, why not create plugins and tools for webmasters and bloggers.

15- Craft work: Most people do craft work as a hobby. You can take it one step further and sell your crafts on sites like

16- Stock Photography: Good at taking pictures? Use stock photography sites like iStockPhoto.com to make money selling your images.

17- Fiverr.com: A fairly new micro freelancing site that has caught on like wild fire. You can sell any kind of service you can imagine for $5.

18- Watch TV: Install the Viggle app and get paid for watching your favorite TV programs!

19- Tutoring: Use what you know to make some money. Teach people a new language, history, math or whatever else you are good at.

20- Build Small Niche Websites: Find long tail low competition keywords and create niche websites around them. Get the sites to a good point and sell them on Flippa.

21- Install Software: There are lots of people who need help when it comes to installing softwares. You can offer to help for a fee.

22- Use your talent: You can make and sell Twitter and MySpace backgrounds and eBook covers with ease thanks to so many great free softwares that are out there.

23- Use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk: You can get paid to do small tasks that machines can not do. The pay for each hit is not much, but then each hit takes only a few seconds or so.

24- Become a Life Coach: Know how to direct people and get them on track with their life? Why not sell your services as a life coach.

25- Becomes a Virtual Assistant: Many webmasters and bloggers and online business will gladly pay you to help them online.

26- Be a Reviewer: There are many sites that will pay you to review products and even other websites.

27- Create a Twitter Network: When you get to a certain point, offer sponsored tweets to businesses.

Mystery Shopper

28- Make money as a Mystery Shopper: Yes, you can actually make money by shopping. Find a legitimate mystery shopping company that offer work where you live and get paid to shop.

29- Make Money on Craigslist: The biggest classified site is the best place to offer a servcie or sell things you dont need.

30- Design Logos: Good at designing? Start making money by designing logos for online businesses.

31- Design T shirts: Use sites like CafePress to design T shirts and other personal items and sell them using their free online store fronts.

32- Use Reward Programs: Earn cash back using reward programs like MyPoints on all your online shopping.

33- Social Networking Service: If you love social networking and are good at it, then sell your expertise to small businesses who are trying to take advantage of social media and what it offers.

34- Photo Editing: Learn how to use Photoshop and start a photo editing business and sell your service to photographers, brides and anyone else who needs it.

35- Forum Moderator: There are many hundreds of online forums and all of them need moderator and are willing to pay you for doing so.

36- Participate in Focus Groups: Find focus groups in your local area or online focus groups and get paid to participate in them.

37- Data Entry: Good old data entry is still alive and well and you can make good money if you can avoid scams.

38- Create Software: Develop with softwares that can help people accomplish things easier and faster and sell them.

39- Get paid to Translate: If you do speak more than one language, you can actually make good money as a translator depending on the popularity of the languages you know.

40- Become a Paid Tester: There are many online companies that pay you to test things like new video games, softwares and even other websites.

41- Blog Commenting: Blog commenting is a form of promotion for bloggers and online business, so many of them are willing to pay others to do the job for them since its time consuming.

42- Writer and Sell PLR Articles: Write quality articles and sell them in packages as Private Label Right articles.

43- Jury Duty: Yes you can get paid to do jury duty.

44- Become an Online Editor: Everyday hundreds and thousands of new websites and blogs are born. Not everybody is a good writer. You can charge them a fee and proofread their work.

45- Create Apps: Apps are becoming increasingly popular. Create some and test the waters.

46- Sell Research: Have a lot of time on your hand? Why not use it to do online research for people who need it!

47- Do Voice Overs: Got a great voice? Offer your voice over service to people online.

48- Blog: Start a blog about a topic you are passionate about and when you start to get some traffic, monetize it.

49- Get Paid to Surf:  There are many paid to surf programs online that will pay you to surf the web. Not much money but its money!

50- Facebook:  There are Facebook apps that will allow you to easily make money on Facebook.

51- Online Used Book Store: Build a small site and sell used books you have laying around the house. Buy more form second hand stores or get them for free on Craigslist and sell them for higher prices on your site.

52- Write For eHow: Make money by writing how to articles for eHow.

53- Get Paid for Photos: Good at photography? Then take as many pictures as you can and sell them on stock photography sites like iStockPhoto.com.

54- Answer Questions: You can make money by answering people’s questions on sites like JustAnswer.com

Get paid to play games

55- Play Games: Yes, you can make money by simply playing games using sites like PaidGamePlayer.com.

56- Get Paid to Read Emails: Sites like InboxDollars pay you to read email ads.

57- Earn Cash with Social Networking: Yes, you can now get paid to socialize online thanks to sites like Gather.com.

58- Get paid to Tweet: Tweets are becoming an increasingly popular way of promoting products. So, websites like SponsoredTweets.com pay you to become a paid tweeter.

59- Upload Files: Have lots of files dusting on your computer? Why not upload them to sites like DocStoc.com and get paid every time someone downloads them.

60- Get Paid to Search: You can make a little extra cash by searching on search engines like SwagBucks.com.

61- Get Paid to Post in Forums: New forums take a long time to take off, so forum owners pay people to become active members of their forum and help the forum attract more real members.

62- Summarize: Watch as many movies and read as many books as you can and then get paid to summarize them for websites like SparkNotes.com

63- Become a Paid Traveler: Love to travel? Now you can actually get paid for doing so thanks to sites like Lonely Planet.

64- Sell Recipes: Know how to cook a lot of different kinds of food? Create recipes and sell them to food related blogs.

65- Record Songs: If you really have some talent in this area, record songs and sell them on sites like Arkade.com

66- Sell Artwork Online: If you are talented and are good at drawing, painting, sketching, then try to sell your art work online.

67- Make Videos: Create videos on any topic you like and upload them to ad revenue sharing sites like Revver.com.

68- Site Audit: Offer an auditing service to webmasters and bloggers where you perform content and SEO audit of their sites.

69- Design Infographics: Design Infographics that go viral and sell them to small online businesses and bloggers.

70- Customer Support: Lots of companies pay people these days to work from their own home doing customer servcie work.

71- Online Order Processing: Many businesses pay people to process orders from home.

72- Get Paid for Forum Participation: Many online forums have a revenue sharing program where they share a percentage of their earnings with their members.

73- Domain Drop Shipping: Use sites like TuCows.com to start your very own private label domain registration business.

74- Make and Sell eBooks: eBooks are becoming ever more popular. Make eBooks about different subjects and sell them online.

75- Telemarketing: As long as you have a phone and an Internet connection, you are in business!

76- Affiliate Marketing: Sell other people’s products and make money as their affiliate.

77- CPA: Same thing as affiliate marketing but you can actually make money without having people to spend any money. Many companies will pay you to simply send people to their websites were they can subscribe to free newsletters or signup for free services.

78- Keyword Research: Learn how to use Google Analytics and a few other keyword research tools and offer a keyword research services to webmasters and small online businesses.

79- Online Newsletter: Many online business have online newsletters, but they need someone to keep it going for them. You can get paid to do that for them.

80- Personal Online Shopper: Yes, there are many professionals who don’t have time to even shop online, so they will pay you to do their online shopping.

81- Enter Sweepstakes: Start participating in online Sweepstakes. You will be surprised how much money and free stuff can come your way.

82- Better Existing Softwares: Many softwares need improvement. Create a plugin for an existing software or improve its functionality and sell them to people.

83- Your Own Search Engine: Thanks to Google API you can now build your very own custom search engines within minutes. Build one for an specific topic and monetize it with ads.

Selling on eBay84- Sell Other People’s Stuff on eBay: There are still many people who do not know how to sell their own stuff on eBay. You can do that for them for a fee.

85- Drop Shipping on eBay:  Use a private label drop shipping company to create a virtual store on eBay and sell their products without ever having to touch or even see the products you are selling.

86- Directory Submission: Bloggers and webmaster submit their sites to web directories to get more traffic and increase search engines ranking, but its time consuming. Thats where you can come in and offer to do directory submission for a fee.

87- Install Applications: There are thousands of people who don’t know how to install applications and softwares. Charge them a fee and do it for them.

89- Create and Sell Digital Scrap Booking Templates: People love to scrapbook and these days, many people are doing it on the computer. Create great templates for different occasions and sell them online.

90- Answer Tech Questions: If you are an expert, you can get paid to answer tech related questions on sites like ExpertBee.

91- Link Building: Webmasters and bloggers need to build links to increase their search engine ranking and traffic. You can offer to be their link builder for a monthly or per project fee.

92- Convert Online Money: Charge people a percentage to convert their EGold money into PayPal and vice versa.

93- Host Live Internet Radio Shows: Use BlogTalkRadio to host your own Internet radio show and make money with ads.

94- Sell Magazine Subscription: Become an affiliate of AcclaimSubscriptions and earn a commission on every single magazine subscription you sell.

95- Give Tips: Have lots of tips and advice? Get paid for them by using sites like Daytipper.com.

96- Make Money with Old CDs and Games: Earn money by selling your old CDs, Games and DVDs using a site called MusicMagpie.com.

97- Trade Forex: This one is  little risky and should be taken very seriously. That said, you can make a lot of money fast if you know what you are doing.

98- Revenue Sharing: Write for sites like HubPages and earn money with their revenue sharing program.

99- Become a Guest Writer: Offer to guest write on other people’s blogs.

100- Become an Online Tutor: Are you passionate about helping other people succeed with their education? Combine your passion with economy and make money by becoming an online tutor on sites like Tutor Vista.

101- Start an Online Consignment Shop: Use Consignmom.com to start an online consignment shop and sell all the junk that is laying around your house. You can expend this and charge other people to sell their stuff on your online consignment shop


As you can see, some of these money making ideas are easier than others, and some take longer to give results, some are for making fast money and others can be used as a long term business plan. But, they all have one thing in common, and that is the fact that they all require some level of work and dedication.

What’s your favorite method out of this 101 ways of making money?…

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