10 Online Jobs For College Students

There are many good and free online jobs for college students that can help college students cover part or all of their college expenses. But, not every college student is qualified for such jobs.

Thankfully, there are also many easy online jobs for college students that most college students can do. Here are 10 work from home jobs for college students that are simply looking to make some extra money online without investment.


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1- QuickRewards
QuickRewards is one of many reward based sites that are also known as GPT (Get Paid To) sites. This is a reward site where you can earn money for doing things that you probably do online everyday such as visiting interesting websites, playing games and even shopping. Yes, you can even get paid to shop!

Registration is free and you can start making money right away and best of all, there is no minimum required for cashing out and if you cash out via PayPal, you will get paid in most cases in less than a few hours.

That said, you can not count on QuickRewards or other GPT sites as a way to make a living on the web. With these sites, the most you can make is a little extra spending money which these days everyone needs and appreciates.

2- Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon Mechanical Turk is basically a micro freelancing site owned by the mighty amazon corporation. Mturk (as its also known as) is a micro job site where businesses post odd and small jobs that are very easy to do but computers can not do. These are tasks that can only be done by humans.

Most tasks pay ridiculously low, but at the same time, most tasks require only a few seconds to be completed. So, its a numbers game. The more tasks you complete, the more money you can make.

3- Paid Surveys
Another one of those free online jobs for college students, is participating in market research studies conducted by market research companies such as SurveySpot.

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Taking paid online surveys is an easy online job that college students can do to make some extra spending cash. Basically you get paid to fill out simple questioners about anything from the food you eat to movies you watch, clothes you wear and basically any product or service that you may use in your daily life.

Be warn though, there are lots of paid surveys scams out there that are waiting to rip you off. Remember, all legitimate paid survey companies are free to join. You can find a list of legitimate paid surveys sites here.

4- Data Entry
Data entry work is one of those easy work at home jobs that almost anyone can do including college students. It is simple, can be done from the comfort of your own home (or college dorm room) and it pays well relativity speaking.

As a data entry worker you are required to do some very basic but somewhat time-consuming tasks such as organizing documents into folders and entering information into spreadsheets.

You can find data entry jobs using one of many freelancing sites such as Odesk.com, Freelancer.com and Vworker.com (formally known as Rent a Coder).

5- Translating
These days lots of people speak a second language and many of those people are college students. If you are one of those college students who do speak one or more foreign language, you can make good money with your skill as a language translator.

Again, you can use freelancing sites like Odesk and Freelancer to find translation work. If you get lucky, you may get hired by a government agency in which case, expect to make real good money.

6- Virtual Assistant
Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of the Internet and all the businesses that operate online, these days there is a never-ending demand for virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, you basically do secretarial work but instead of working from someone else’s office, you work from the comfort of your own home right in front of your computer.

To find virtual assistant jobs, check out sites like Fiverr.com or even online discussion forums where webmasters and business owners look for virtual assistants.

Best Work From Home Jobs For College Students

7- Blogging
Blogging has become a huge success and these days almost everybody and their grandma are blogging. If any of these online jobs are made for college students, it has to be blogging. I mean, who has more stuff to talk about than college students!

Start a blog about whatever that interests you, be it your classmates, your life as a college students, your dorm room activities or what have you. Give people interesting reads and soon you will have loyal readers who will read every word you write.

Once you get to that stage, monetize your blog with ads and even your own products to make money.

8- Fiverr
This is another one of those online jobs that you would think was made specifically for college students. Fiverr is basically a micro freelancing sites where you can make money offering any kind of services you can imagine for a mare 5 bucks. It can be as simple as holding a sign next to a landmark in your city to as weird as writing a message on your toe nails and whatever else you can think off.

While most people may not be able to make a living on Fiverr, if you have a good enough gig that you can deliver quickly, you can be amongst many hundreds of people who are actually making a living working on Fiverr.

9- Tutoring
Tutoring online is a fantastic online job if you are good at it. There are so many people these days who are willing to pay others to teach them everything from math and science to web programming, physics and everything in between. You can find online tutoring jobs by taking advantage of online tutoring sites such as Tutor.com and WizIQ.

10- Writing
There are hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs that are born every single day and each and every one of these sites need fresh quality content on a variety of topics from health and fitness to finance, electronics, tech, lifestyle, fashion and everything in between.

If you can write decently, it won’t be that hard to make minimum wage or even make a living in some cases as a writer online. There are people who get paid $100 or more per every 500 word article they write. However, most people can expect to get paid under $10 per article. But as you gain some clients and show your skills, you can expect to make much more than that. Here is a list of websites that pay you to write.


If you are a college students trying to learn how to make money in college, these ideas may not be the best options, and many of the above mentioned Internet jobs may not help you make a full-time income online, but non the less, they can easily enable you to earn additional cash at a time when every penny counts. Not to mention, there are many college students who do actually make enough money online with some of these online jobs for college students.