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10 Ways to Earn Extra Money Without Paying Anything

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How to make extra money from home?… If you are one of hundreds of thousands of Americans who are out of job, facing perhaps the toughest financial crisis in your life time, the idea of making extra money from home have for sure crossed your mind a few times. Even if you are on of the few lucky ones, and have a full time job, with rising costs of living, you too probably thought about part time jobs that you could use to earn extra cash on the side in your spare time.

Sadly, you are not alone! Hundreds and thousands of people are struggling to keep up financially. And so, it is no wonder why more and more people are trying to learn ways to make extra money online from home.

Thankfully, the world wide web comes to the rescue once again! These days, almost all businesses, small and big, are using the Internet in some shape or form, to better their business. And that, requires hiring people on a part time or full time basis to help them get things done. Therefore, there are lots of fantastic earning opportunities for people looking for ways to earn extra income.

At the same time, although there are many legitimate ways to make extra money for kids and adults, there are also many online money making scams out there as well. So, you have to be vigilant when searching for such opportunities.

In any case, I have gathered a few good work from home online opportunities that will allow almost anyone from college students and stay at home moms & dads to retirees, laid off workers and even kids and teenagers to earn extra cash in their spare time.

Ways To Make Extra Money
1- Take Paid Surveys
Taking paid surveys for cash is among the first options many folks who are trying to learn how to make extra money online without paying anything come across. The great thing about online surveys is the fact that you don’t need any skills or experience to get started. It doesn’t cost you a dime (unless you fall for paid surveys scams and lose your money to them!) and you can make a decent amount of money rather easily.

The most important thing about making extra money with paid surveys is making sure you find and register with real and legitimate sites such as MySurvey. After registration you will be sent survey invitations matched to you based on your profile.

Filling out surveys usually take about 15 to 45 minutes and based on the length and the importance of the topic, you can expect to pocket anywhere from $2 to up to $75 for each survey you qualify for and complete.

2- Become A Fiverr Seller is a fairly new and unknown micro freelancing site where you can offer any kind of service for $5. And when I say any kind of service, I really mean anything. I have seen people make money on Fiverr writing songs, drawing cartoons, taking pictures, writing on their forehead what the buyer wants and walk around the town, putting sticker on their car, wearing a t-shirt with the buyers logo on it and so on. Simply put, you can make $5 over and over again for doing almost anything.

Registration is free, and you can immediately set up your profile, and offer as many “gigs” as you like. You will be surprised what people are willing to pay for! Making money with Fiverr truly does qualify as one of the best creative ways of making extra money from home!

3- Get Paid To Programs
GPT sites are basically online loyalty programs where you can get paid to do a variety of different things, from filling out surveys, signing up for free websites and subscribing to free newsletters to reading emails, clicking on ads, shopping online and more.

Basically you can get paid to do almost anything that you already do on the Internet. Depending on the types of offer you complete you can expect to earn anywhere from $0.25 to $30 for each offer you complete.

Just like other online money making methods, there are a lot of scams associated with Get Paid To industry. So, make sure to do your research and find and register with legitimate GPT sites.

4- Write For Blogs
There are a lot of people who run their own blogs and many of them are very successful. But, running a successful blog takes a lot of time and energy, which in many cases leaves little to no time for creating content, which is the most important element of any successful blog. That’s why many bloggers pay others to research and write posts for their blogs.

The good thing is, because of the popularity of blogs, it’s not that hard to find blogs on almost any topic you can think of. And surly, you are an expert or at least have more knowledge about one of those topics than the rest of us do.

You can simply contact those blog owners and ask them if they would be interested in paying you to write articles for them about the topic of their blog. In most cases, you don’t even have to ask. Many bloggers have a special page where the ask other writers to write for them in exchange for money. Simply search for blogs on topics you feel comfortable writing about and contact their owners and offer them your skills.

5- Freelancing
Looking for creative ways to make extra money?… Freelancing is one of the most popular money making methods. If you are a programmer, designer, writer, translator or have any skills that can be useful to online businesses, you can easily work as a freelancer and earn extra money in your spare time.

Although, there are so many freelancers who make their living working as a freelancer, its not required of you to work full time. You work when you want to and only on projects you choose to. Obviously, if you are just starting, you won’t have a client base yet, so you will have to use freelancing sites to find projects to work on.

Some of the best freelancing sites are sites like and Use these sites to find projects to work on. At the same time, make sure to build and showcase your portfolio, so one day, you can have clients come to you for their freelancing related projects. Plus, you will make way more money working directly with clients than through freelancing sites.

making extra money from home
6- Amazon Mechanical Turk
Another great way to bank some extra cash in your free time is through working on MTurk. Amazon Mechanical Turk which is part of the mighty corporation, is basically a kind of freelancing site with different kinds of projects. They call these tasks “HIT” and these “HITS” can only be done by humans and not by computers and software. Most of them are very easy to do. One example would be looking at two seemingly identical images and pointing out the differences. It may seem pointless to you and I, but for research companies these tasks are very important.

The payouts for these hits are usually very low, but they take only a few seconds and they come in massive amounts. For example; you may get $0.15 to point out the differences between 2 images, but you get to do it with 1000 different images, and that adds up. Making money with Amazon Mechanical Turk, is truly a great way to use your free time to pick up a few dollars.

7- Become A Mystery Shopper
Just like paid surveys, mystery shopping is a kind of research designed to evaluate the performance of different companies in different industries such as restaurant, hotels, retail stores and more.

You will be paid to perform a shop at a particular store and report back your experience. Most of these reporting are done through answering a questioner, or on the phone talking to an agent. You pay for the shop, but you will be reimbursed for it after finishing your assignment. In some cases, you will get to keep the goods for free (if applicable).

Mystery shopping industry is also full of scams. A simple way to know if a mystery shopping company is real or scam is to find out if you have to pay for registration. All legitimate mystery shopping companies are 100% free to join.

8- Get Paid To Post On Forums
Forums have become a big part of the Internet as more and more link minded people find it beneficial to have a place where they can talk about their favorite subject.

Forums are also profitable businesses, and that’s why more and more forums are born everyday. But, not all forums are popular from day one. In many cases, forum owners pay people to participate on their forum. It helps the forum look busy and active, which is a good way of pulling in more real members. That creates an opportunity for you to earn a few dollars. Do a simple search on Google and you will find many forums where you can get paid to post.

9- Sell On eBay
Yes, you can still make money on eBay! You might be tired of hearing about eBay, but if you have ever asked yourself “how can I make extra money online?”, you need to take another look at eBay! The truth is, when it comes to making extra cash working from the comfort of your own home, eBay is still the king!

There are many cheap ways to sell on eBay.You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in investment, have any knowledge or experience or any special skills to sell on eBay. Of course, there are people who invest thousand of dollars into buying products in bulks and selling them individually on eBay, but it’s not necessary if you are trying to make just a little extra money in your free time to help with the bills.

You can start by finding things that you already own but don’t have any use for any more, put them up for sale on eBay. If you have a hundred dollar or so to invest, you can buy things from flea markets and thrift stores, often for very cheap and resale them on eBay for a profit.

10- Use Craigslist
It may come as a shuck to you, but Craigslist can be a great platform to make money fast, if you know how to use it. There are a few ways in which you can use Craigslist to make money.

You can place a free ad and offer your service to people for a fee. One of the best ways to make extra money using Craigslist is to look for items to buy for cheap in “for sale” category or to look for items to pick up for free in the “free” section of the “for sale” category.

Either way, many times you can find items for very low prices, or free in some cases, that can be resold right back on CL for a profit. You will be surprised to know that many people are actually making a living with this method.


These are only few of the legitimate and relatively easy ways of making extra cash on the web. Of course, you can always scale things up and take it to the next level. But remember, don’t set yourself up for failure by getting your hopes too high and thinking it will be easy and quick.

Whether you are trying to earn a full time income working online, or are simply trying to make extra money at home in your spare time with part time online jobs, it takes willingness and hard work to succeed in making money from home.

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  1. IDA says:

    thank for the article and hopefully useful tips

    • satrap says:

      IDA, you are welcome. I hope these tips are useful as well.

  2. Stan fernand says:

    here is another one Satrap! answering questions for money will not make you a very rich person but you can make a good income online! look for chacha or answersland on the web! Regards

    • satrap says:

      Ask Q…, Thanks for your comment. Yeah, answering questions is really a great fun way to make a little extra money. Thanks for your suggestion.

  3. jason says:

    might I ad starting your own website if you specialize in something. then monetize or sell from your site.

    • satrap says:

      Jason, thats a good idea as well. Although it takes a little time and some special knowledge and know-how. But, if you can do that, flipping websites is quite profitable.

  4. Henk Jonker says:

    I agree with Jason, but freelancing is a really good one as well. But when you’re a freelancer, you have to deal with clients. So flipping websites is more care free.

    • satrap says:

      Although flipping website might seem like a care free kind of money making method compere to freelancing, its important to remember, that no online money making method is totally care free. I mean, to make money online or even offline for that matter, you have to put time and effort into it. Yeah, some method may be a little easier and demand less work, but they are not totally care free.

  5. stephanie says:

    Thanks a lot for the information you provided. I always have a spare time and I am planning to use my time for earning money. This would be a great help for me and I’m looking forward to create my website. but it’s not just about money, also I wanted to impart my ideas about everything as well as helping others by means of providing them a good job.

    • satrap says:

      Great point! If you truly focus on helping others with whatever your business may be, money will follow.

  6. Nicole says:

    this is a great post. thanks for sharing the links.

    • satrap says:

      You are so welcome. I hope this info will help you in making some extra money.

  7. Ed Tyner says:

    Great advice. I been marketing online for 10 years, and have had great success. I now outsource most of my work, and I use fiverr to find people to do the work I outsource. I know these people make money.

    • satrap says:

      Congrats on your success. That is a great way to use Fiverr. Lots of people who provide really good services on Fiverr. I wish you continued success.

  8. Abero says:

    thanks for earning tips but it take long time to earn,

    • satrap says:

      Well, to be honest, there is no free lunch! You have to invest something to get something in return, be it money, skill or time for that matter.

  9. Danny Younes says:

    Some great ways to make extra money at home. Some I haven’t heard of like Fiverr but my favorite would have to be ebay. It’s very easy to make money on ebay

    • satrap says:

      Yeah, eBay truly is a great money making platform. You just have to commit to it and do it the right way.

  10. Mae Russell says:

    Working from home can get boring and tedious, so have to have the right attitude in order for any home based work or business to succeed.

    One of the easiest way to earn online is to sell people your services. For instance you are willing to design a new graphic ad for $5. This way you can put your talents at work and generate income.

    • satrap says:

      Totally agree. Having the right attitude and being committed is a big part of being successful at working from home.

  11. Ken says:

    Great methods for making extra money. Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

    • satrap says:

      You are very welcome. I am glad you find the post useful.

  12. Sire says:

    The first method I used for making money online was actually doing online surveys. I’m still a member of several popular sites and I still do them if I find the topics to be of interest.

    My main avenue for making money online is via my blogs. The popular ones bring revenue from advertisers. I also make money from affiliates I promote as well as adsense and other similar avenues.

    • satrap says:

      Same here Sire. I started with paid surveys several years ago and I am still active with some of them.

  13. I’ve tried about 80.3% of these and had to settle for blogging (writing for myself and others). It’s a decision I’m glad I made.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. kaybee says:

    i really love this. i just finished my degree today and i need a way to make extra money to pay bills since i no longer get allowance from my sponsorship. Africa, Botswana

    • satrap says:

      Congrats on getting your degree Kaybee. I am glad you find this post useful.

  15. Tim says:

    I found that buying on Ebay and then proceeding to sell on craigslist makes alot of money. Alot of people don’t know how to use Ebay, so you can just buy stuff cheap on there, and then sell it to people through craigslist or at a yardsale and make a profit. It all matters on how much you buy. Great article though!

    • satrap says:

      Tim, great idea. It can actually work both ways, but you have to really know your items, or else you may lose money. Thanks for sharing your tip Tim.

  16. suresh says:

    good list. But some of them, you have not given any reference details like posting on forums or blogs. Any way some of them are useful tips. thanks

    • Satrap says:

      Hi Suresh,
      Well, I just wanted to give some ideas for those who are looking to make some extra cash. And as for posting on forums, I mean, there is not much to it. You just have to find a few forums and post as per their requirements.

  17. Hey Satrap,

    Nice post. Its very helpful to those who are struggling to find a decent job. I usually work as a freelance writer but these options you just gave made me interested in doing more than freelancing. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Satrap says:

      Hey Faerrell,
      I do hope that such posts will help people without job to find a way to make ends meet. I was out of job a few times in my life time and I know how hard it is to get by. Thanks for stopping by.

  18. satrap says:

    Bukisa and helium are two of my favorite as well.

  19. satrap says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you like the post. Yes, Fiverr is a great site to make money on.